Reeven Announces RC-1401 CPU Heatsink

Reeven has released its new CPU cooler, the RC-1401. This cooler is a large tower-style cooler that features a large aluminum fin stack, five heat pipes, and one fan. Two of the heat pipes are 8 mm units, and the other three are 6 mm thick. The unit's base is made of copper, but nickel-plated with a mirror finish.

Without a fan, the unit measures 161 x 70 x 143 mm and weighs a respectable 820 grams. Adding the fan will make the cooler 25 mm thicker. The fan that comes included is a 140 mm affair, which can spin at speeds ranging from 300 RPM to 1300 RPM by means of PWM control. From these speeds it will push up to 70 CFM of air and make no more than 24.7 dBA of noise. A second 140 mm fan can be attached by using the included clips.

Reeven's RC01401 will work in all modern CPU sockets, including LGA1150, AM3+ and FM2.

The company gave no word on what the unit would cost, though it will be coming by the end of this month.

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  • thats a heavy heat sink
  • This looks very nice. Heavy and slow fan means good cooling and low noise. I've never heard of Reeven thought...
  • but will it... bend the motherboard and ruin it?