Samsung, LG May Release 1080p Phones in 2013

A Korean publication has suggested both Samsung and LG are planning to release smartphones featuring a higher pixel density than the iPhone 5's Retina Display. The two Korean conglomerates are apparently planning to implement full 1080p resolution to its smartphones screen sometime during the first half of 2013.

Both Samsung and LG are said to be integrating more than 400 pixels per inch for future smartphone displays. This is compared to the 326 pixels per inch found in the iPhone 5's Retina Display.

The report also said that LG has previously showed off a 5-inch display with 440 ppi, while Samsung is said to be ordering 1080p resolution screens from the company's own display business. The highest resolution display found in Samsung smartphones is in the Galaxy Nexus, which clocks in at 316 ppi.

HTC had recently unveiled the J Butterfly, a smartphone that boasts a full 1080p display at 440 ppi.

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  • kinggremlin
    Not sure of the real world benefit of this feature. I have better eyes than most of the people I know, and even I occasionally have trouble reading web pages on my GSIII depending on color contrasts and fonts. More annoying is how difficult it is to click on links without zooming in. 1080p is a pretty significant pixel bump over 720p. The screen is going to have to be a lot larger than the GSIII for the majority of the public to be able to use it.

    On a sort of related note, why on earth are mobile device resolutions continuing to increase at these absurd rates while desktop monitors seem to be going in the other direction? My 3 year old 1920x1200 panel is practically an extinct species with 1920x1080 becoming the standard. Something is seriously screwed up when your 5" cellphone has the same or better resolution than 99% of desktop LCD panels under 27".
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  • Pgooch
    I knew the screen on my nexus was better looking than most screens. Im looking forward to the new phones I have an upgrade :)
  • christarp
    Nice proofreading toms
  • dkcomputer
    Man, retina is the best looking 26 ppi i've ever seen