Wii U Europe Release Rumored for December 7th

Last week, a leak from Video Products Distributors revealed an alleged U.S. release date along with pricing on three SKUs of Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console. There wasn't any evidence to suggest an identical European release date, but now it looks like European gamers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the console.

According to another leak from French retailer FNAC, the Wii U won't make its way over to Europe until the 7th of December. In a photo snapped by Jeuxactu, the retailer posted newsboards inviting customers to pre-order the console with a possible price tag of €349. In addition, the company's online store also lists the first Wii U games at €69.90.

Of course, the release date and pricing could be pure speculation on FNAC's part. €69.90 is a bit steep for just a game, so let's hope they are just guesses. The good news is we'll only have to wait a few more days until the suspected Wii U reveal on September 13th.


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  • Anonymous
    The Wii U will be in stores before December the 5th in holland then :)
  • alidan
    wow, they are shooting high with those game prices huh
  • amk09
    $450 for the system and $90 for a game? Aren't we going into a recession? Yikes :/

    If this is true, there is a good chance the new Xbox/PS4 will be just as expensive, unless these WiiU games are something special. Better yet, lets just hope these prices are fallacious.