Amazon Raises Minimum Order For Free Shipping to $35

Amazon posted an update on its website notifying people of the change, but it didn’t list a specific reason for the change – simply encouraging users to step up to an Amazon Prime for free shipping. Touting the advantages of a video service and significantly reduced shipping costs, Amazon certainly made a strong case for the switch. With unlimited free two-day shipping and an internet streaming service that rivals Netflix, its goal seems clear.

“The service is so popular that more than a year ago we began shipping more items with Prime than with free shipping,” the press release claims.

If you run the math and you buy even a few things on Amazon each year, a Prime membership looks to be a very attractive option, and now you have one more reason to upgrade.

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  • Tuishimi
    Well shoot. So much for me and my small orders.
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  • Tuishimi
    Well shoot. So much for me and my small orders.
  • No2rdame
    Sign of the times. This will offset increased shipping costs as well as the additional cost for sending out smaller orders versus larger ones.
  • John Bauer
    I got Prime free for 6 months because I'm a full-time student. After those 6 months, I pay half price for eternity.

    I encourage any other students to do this.