America's Army Cost Taxpayers $32.8 Million

U.S. Army projects cost money, usually lots of money. And if you're a U.S. taxpayer, that's your money.

America's Army, the free to play shooter that is ultimately a recruiting tool for the Army, is funded by tax dollars. GameSpot uncovered through a Freedom of Information Act request just how many dollars the project has commanded over the years.

Note that the original America's Army for PC launched in 2002, but investments and development started in 2000.

America's Army year-by-year budget summary











In total, that adds up to $32.8 million over the last decade. Do you think that it was money well spent? Why or why not?

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  • Annisman
    Considering Obama and Co. Just spent Trillions of dollars in his first term, and inflated the deficate and our currency beyond belief, not to mention the 787 billion dollar 'stimulus' bill that has not only stopped job creation, but has put us in even more debt I think 30 million dollars for a game I enjoy is actually worth it.

    Hey guess where the money that is being returned to us from the banks that we helped bail out is going.... back to you and me ? Oh, no it's being spent by our government on more entitlement programs.

    Spend our way out of debt? Hmmm that just doesnt sound right.
  • superprelude
    I think they can pay IW 5 million to mod MW2 into realistic game for the army. But who cares? I am no American.
  • Honis
    Context with other recruiting tool costs:

    Navy/Marines Blue Angles F-18A/B: $18 million a piece plus maintenance. They have 10 demonstration planes (A) and 2 double seat (B).
    Air Force Thunderbird's F-16C/D: $18.8 million a piece. Six demonstration (Cs) and 2 double seat (D).
    Army Americas Army video game: Between $2 and $4 million annual cost. Total cost YTD: 32.8 million.

    You see, the Army is saving us tax payers on its advertising compared to the other branches. You can argue the effectiveness of advertising using a video game verse a spectacular air demonstration but when it comes to price, the Army has gone the cheaper route.
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  • lifelesspoet
    I paid for the game, but I have never played it. I think I might have to download it to get my moneys worth.
  • lifelesspoet
    I paid for the game, but I have never played it. I think I might have to download it to get my moneys worth.
  • Efrayim
    It was a fun game but sometimes the aiming was screwed up.