Asus to Launch Ultra-thin Notebooks, 45nm CULV

This was supposed to be the summer of the affordable ultra-thin and light laptops, but things aren't that different from how they were a few months ago, with netbooks still ruling the entry-level, portable tier.

While it is getting a little late to catch the back-to-school crowd, Asus is set to launch two ultra-thin notebooks using Intel's new CULV 45-nm Celeron 743 and Pentium SU2300 on September 7, according to Digitimes.

In 1,000 unit quantities, the Celeron 743 is priced at $107 and Pentium SU2300 at $134, though pricing for the laptops is still unknown. It could also be a little while before these notebooks hit North America, as they're set to launch first in Taiwan, China and Europe.

Acer and MSI are expected to also announce new products built off of the Intel chips, so hopefully we'll see competition heating up in the segment this holiday season.

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  • mcnuggetofdeath
    Celeron / Pentium = Do not want.

    My old eee pc 900a will serve me well until they've got the upcoming nehalem based atoms paired with the Nvidia Ion.
  • christop
    Cool can't wait to see it....
  • Anonymous
    these new Pentiem not the old 'pentium..
    its way faster than Atom in most of benchmark..