HTC One: A Closer Look at the Hardware Industrial Design

As much as we're not fans of the term "superphone," the HTC One undoubtedly deserves the title of being super rather than just a plain smartphone. The all aluminum body is something that we've seen for generations and from other phone makers, but the idea of integrating an IR blaster into the power button push aspects of the HTC One's design into genius territory.


The decision to focus on photo quality with "Ultrapixels" rather than continue to play the megapixel game is admirable. Even small touches such as using a specifically polished concentric pattern on the volume rocker speaks to how much HTC cares about putting out a good design.



We had the fortunate chance to sit down and chat with Jonah Becker, director of design at HTC, to get some additional insight on how such an industrial design came to be. Check it out below:


HTC One NYC Launch Event: Industrial Design Interview



Don't forget to check out our original hands-on with the HTC One here.

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  • dalethepcman
    I loved the feel of the case of my N1 made by HTC. I'm sure this is just as nice, but without running pure android its still a no buy for me.
  • redeemer
    HTC make the highest quality Android phones I mean they always have. Now they need to market the heck out of it just like Samsung did with their cheap ugly Galaxy S3. HTC needs to do better than Samsung's gimmicks like "Design for Humans" and "Inspired by Nature" lol oh yeah "Hyper Glaze" "Nature UI" ETC!
  • internetlad
    too bad this isn't made by apple, then somebody might leave it at a bar, and I could find it.