Vendor releases an Intel motherboard for Anime fans — iCraft B760M Cross comes decked out with pastel colors

Maxsun iCraft B760M Cross
(Image credit: Maxsun)

Chinese motherboard maker Maxsun has a new B760 Micro-ATX motherboard featuring an Anime theme. Known as the iCraft B760M Cross, the board is aimed at anime lovers sporting a white theme with blue and pink accents.

The B760M Cross is one of many microATX B760 class motherboards the manufacturer sells. But it is the only one (from what we can see) that sports an Anime theme. The iCraft Cross is an alternative variant of the iCraft B760M WiFi, featuring not just the Anime theme but some minor tweaks to the power delivery design, too.

The iCraft B760M Cross features a 12+1+1 phase power delivery system utilizing the RT 3628 controller. Maxsun says the power delivery system can handle PL1 ratings of up to 253W (similar to Intel's "Performance" Default Settings profile) and an unlimited PL2 rating. However, the board features a slightly inferior VRM compared to the iCraft B760M WiFi, which has a 12+3+2 phase design.

The main selling point of the iCraft B760M Cross isn't its overclocking capabilities but its Anime-inspired aesthetic. The entire board is coated from top to bottom in a white finish, sporting pink and blue accents on the VRM heatsinks, M.2/chipset heatsink, and rear I/O cover. The bottom section of the rear I/O cover comes with a circular LCD screen that can display whatever you put on the screen.

The rear bottom of the PCB features a graphic of an Anime doll along with some artsy-styled text to the right. It may seem strange that the board only shows an Anime doll on the rear of the board, but the motherboard comes with a plethora of Anime stickers in the box (to plaster all over your chassis) to compensate for that fact.

Besides Anime, the board has four DDR5 DIMM slots, three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, a single Gen 4 x16 slot, a single x1 slot, and a single x4 slot. The rear I/O consists of four USB 2.0 ports, four USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-A ports, a single Type-C port, DisplayPort, HDMI, 2.5G ethernet, antennas for the built-in WiFi 6 card, a clear CMOS button and three audio jacks.

We have not been able to get information pertaining to pricing or availability. However, with Maxsun being a Chinese-specific board maker, there's not much chance this board will be sold outside of the Asian market. That said, apparently, there is a lot of demand for this board inside of China. Maxsun's product page lists the iCraft B760M Cross as "sold out."

Aaron Klotz
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  • pug_s
    Considering that a Mobo is hidden inside a computer, it would be more effective if you have something like a case or a monitor which have this kind of bling would be better.
  • TechLurker
    That looks like their anime mascot in general; or at least similar to the one that populates their "waifu" GPUs (wouldn't be surprising if they had at least 2 mascots; XPG has 3 and AMD technically has 1+2).

    Anime elements aside, I just like the rounded off accent elements on the heatsinks and shrouds. It kind of reminds me of some of more whimsical mobo elements of yesteryear before everything was just angular slabs of metal and plastic shrouds/heatsinks. Like how some motherboards had a miniature theme park with the heatsinks forming roller coaster arches and loops.
  • Metal Messiah.
    The anime used by Maxsun is their mascot, Aijia, & has also been featured across a range of different products. A character popular in Asian manga series.

    If any anime product is sold globally, outside Asia, then the product is dubbed under the "Enchantment Heart Princess Edition", which is the same english name for AIJIA.
  • DotNetMaster777
    Nice colors ! ! ! ! ! !

    Intel for Anime fans a good idea !