Apigy Unveils Smartphone-Controlled Keyless Lock

With the product fully funded, Apigy has confirmed the development of Lockitron, a device that is controlled by an iPhone as a keyless lock.

Lockitron operates as a keyless entry device that attaches itself to a door's deadbolt. The battery-powered box has been equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, as well as boasting NFC capabilities. It communicates with a user via Wi-Fi.

In order to open a door, iPhone users will have to swipe the device past the Lockitron box. According to Lockitron creator Apigy, the device is apparently compatible with every kind of smartphone.

Those who have an old model, text messaging can be utilized to act as an alternative to Wi-Fi. The more modern "Sense" feature, meanwhile, allows smartphones that include Bluetooth 4.0 to access one's house when walking up to the door.

A downloadable two-button app communicates with the Lockitron and can be utilized to restrict access to your home by other people. The app can send smartphone owners notifications, which alerts you if any changes occur such as the door being unlocked by another user.

Money raised so far well exceed its $150,000 goal. If 1,000 reservations are met, the first batch will ship internationally during March, 2013, with Apigy set to commence pre-orders for the $149 (it'll retail for $199) Lockitron device soon. The application itself will initially be available for Android and iOS devices.


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  • Pennanen
    In the future, criminals dont need to steal your keys or break in, just hack through the doors.
  • freggo
    Oh, I can do that with my Samsung Flip Phone.
    I call home before I enter the drive way and the kids will unlock the door for me :-)
  • freggo
    PennanenIn the future, criminals dont need to steal your keys or break in, just hack through the doors.

    Incidentally, over the years we had 5 break ins in our homes. Nobody EVER came thru the front door !
    3 thru windows in the back, 2 thru doors in the back from the yard.