IE9 is Most Energy Efficient Browser, So Says MS

We all know the benefits of having an energy efficient system. Lower energy requirements mean bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and the immediate benefit of longer battery life.

While the first concern of power management is to have energy efficient hardware, there's always the question of what software does with the hardware. Microsoft posted a blog article on its MSDN highlighting how much it feels that Internet Explorer 9 is the winner when it comes to keeping power draw to a minimum.

Through what appears to be testing using fairly involved and reliable apparatus, Internet Explorer 9 unsurprisingly comes out on top when compared against Chrome 10, Safari 5, Opera 11 and Firefox 4. Mozilla's new browser stayed very close to Microsoft's, making it appear to be the most attractive alternative.

Microsoft monitored system power draw over a few situations: letting the browsers sit at about:blank, at a news site, running HTML5, and running the FishIE demo. In all tests, IE9 was at the top of the pack – though consider the source. Notably absent from the test was anything to do with Adobe Flash.

ScenarioIE9Chrome 10Firefox 4Opera 11Safari 5
about:blank10.044 W7.821 W9.570 W7.704 W8.087 W
News Site11.042 W9.951 W10.617 W8.757 W8.835 W
Galactic13.506 W14.150 W14.995 W17.742 W17.817 W
Fish21.408 W24.078 W20.817 W21.769 W21.260 W
Battery Life3:45 hrs2:56 hrs3:35 hrs2:43 hrs2:55 hrs

Check out the full test and charts here.

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  • HDmac
    Its obviously that it loads web pages so slowly that the wi-fi card is primarily inactive, thus saving battery life.
  • tentaxlbunga
    browsing with IE will put you computer to sleep mode oftenly, that why it safe more energy than the competitor.
    Of course.. most of the time, you will only see black screen on your monitor.
  • thorkle
    I agree with those sentiments for past builds, but IE9 is very decent. IE9 has a dark history to overcome lol