Medal of Honor Limited Edition Revealed

Electronic Arts said Tuesday that a limited edition of Medal of Honor will be available at launch. Due to hit the streets for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 12, the Limited Edition version will grant players exclusive access to the MP7, a unique weapon utilized by Tier 1 Operators in the field. LE owners will also benefit from day-one access to the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns--StandardEdition owners will have to rank up first before unlocking these weapons.

"Access to a weapon like the MP7 will allow players to experience a tool developed with the Special Operations Community in mind," said Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer of Medal of Honor. "With its light weight, high rate of fire and its ability to penetrate body armor, the MP7 handles like a pistol yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle."

As reported earlier, the Medal of Honor franchise leaves the past and enters modern-day Afghanistan. The story will be told through the lens of a small band of fictional characters. Players will also be introduced to the Tier 1 Operator, an "elite warrior and relatively unknown instrument of the U.S. Military that operates under the National Command Authority, taking on missions no one else can handle."

EA did not provide pricing for the Limited Edition, so stay tuned. In the meantime, gamers can pre-order the Limited Edition now at at no additional cost.

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  • skykaptain
    As long as I can unlock them latter in the game I don't need to pay more for them.
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  • crus_russ
    If MW2 wasnt already dead, it will be now...
  • Strider-Hiryu_79
    Dedicated server support = +100000
  • skykaptain
    As long as I can unlock them latter in the game I don't need to pay more for them.