PowerColor's Liquid Cooled R9 290X LCS Spotted

PowerColor has revealed a new graphics card: its Radeon R9 290X LCS. This graphics card features non-reference cooling, and unlike a big air cooler, which many manufacturers are applying, it features a preinstalled water block.

The water block on the graphics card is one that is built by EKWB. It is the EK-FC R9 290X, which has as options a nickel plated base and an acetal cover. This block retails for $144.31. The PCB used is a reference model.

PowerColor has clocked the card at 1060 MHz, which is a 60 MHz boost over reference speeds. The memory runs at an effective speed of 5.4 GHz, which is 400 MHz above the reference specification.

So far there is no indication as to when the card will be available or what it would cost, but you can count on a notable premium over reference models.

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  • AMD Radeon
    i wish AMD made this waterblock as a reference cooler
  • Zac Lloyd-Jones
    60MHz boost. Nice. *sigh*
  • onedos
    I'm new to the the build your own pc world. I don't usually hear about powercolor products how do they conpare to msi, Asus and gigabyte