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QOTD: Do You Want Questions From Readers?

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 36 comments

Tuan's QOTD series always sparks great discussions, sometimes receiving hundreds of responses. I've hijacked today's question to put forward an idea that you guys may (or may not) be into.

A few days ago we asked you if you wanted reader submitted content and the response we got was pretty overwhelming. Positive and negative comments aside, it gave us a lot of food for thought. Whether it was deciding if said content should be edited prior to posting, or figuring out what kind of standard to set (such as having a certain amount of posts or threads to your name) when it came to deciding who gets to play in the submit articles section/forum/thread/whatever, there was tons to think about and trust me, we've been mulling over the comments ever since.

We would love to see interesting stuff that comes directly from the readers (we know you have some deadly ideas) and the idea of supplementing our own content with contributions from external-but-internal sources really appeals to us. That said, there's so much to consider and making an idea like that come to life isn't something we could do without a lot of planning. We'd have to have a whole bunch of meetings, not to mention develop a whole new section on the site to accommodate it. Basically, it would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r and we're eager to let you have your say now.

So, here's my guest-QOTD: Do you want reader submitted QOTDs?

Post your comments below and we'll let you know what we decide.

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    hellwig , April 28, 2009 7:19 PM
    Why not have reader submitted QOTDs?

    There, post that one! Nah, but seriously, I can't imagine Tuan can think of questions forever, but at the same time, if someone in the community has a truly insiteful and politically rousing question, it might be interesting to see the opinions of others.

    On the other hand, we don't want 365 days of "What do you think of my build (posting newegg order TONIGHT!)?"
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    burnley14 , April 28, 2009 7:21 PM
    Sounds like a lot of extra work for you guys . . .

    But yes, I'm totally in favor of the idea. Hats off to you all for your creativity and production, but there's a ton of untapped potential within the readers who browse here every day. I say help them get involved with the site as much as possible, and everyone will be better off for it.
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    hillarymakesmecry , April 28, 2009 7:26 PM
    No. I want the crew at Toms. IE Jane, to conjur up their own ideas independent of the desires of her audience.
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    the_one111 , April 28, 2009 7:27 PM
    Jane, do you actually WANT to go through the eons and eons of useless interweb drivel? Do you WANT to sit in front of your computer reading the QOTD marked "I can haz moar pancakez"?


    DO YOU!?!

    ok ok joking aside..

    Like burnley14 said it sounds like alot of extra work for you guys, but if you pulled it off it would be pretty cool to say the least.
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    AdamB5000 , April 28, 2009 7:28 PM
    Sure. Just pick one that isn't stupid.

    And if QOTD's get to be too much, just make QOTWeek. There's only so much we can discuss. :) 
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    aalkema , April 28, 2009 7:30 PM
    Why not? There is always a great discussion after a QOTD, nothing wrong with a few more. Just make sure they're well moderated, and have to pass through you folks in charge of the place first.
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    DXRick , April 28, 2009 7:31 PM
    If someone starts an interesting poll or posts and interesting topic for discussion in the forums, you could always put a link to it on the home page. Since this happens so infrequently, I see no reason to devote a lot of development changes to THG for it. :p 
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    waikano , April 28, 2009 7:31 PM
    hillarymakesmecryNo. I want the crew at Toms. IE Jane, to conjur up their own ideas independent of the desires of her audience.

    Ohhh Jane you have an audience, way to go girl!! Now if that audience would please stop harping on you about some spelling errors that would be great.
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    the_one111 , April 28, 2009 7:34 PM
    waikanoOhhh Jane you have an audience, way to go girl!! Now if that audience would please stop harping on you about some spelling errors that would be great.

    I never got that, the way Jane puts out articles I can ignore a few small spelling errors. I mean C'mon, while we know Jane is the all-powerful dictionary-in-her-head ruler of the world, she IS only human...
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    bill gates is your daddy , April 28, 2009 7:38 PM
    I foresee tremendous issues with reader submitted QOTD. We are all going to speak and ante up our $0.02 with the format you currently use (point proven) and most of those replies are not worth $0.02. (proven again)
    Save us all the embarrassment and nix the idea now before it goes to far.
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    cadder , April 28, 2009 7:39 PM
    Yes, if a reader can come up with a worthy QOTD, why not go with it.
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    Anonymous , April 28, 2009 7:40 PM
    I think it sounds great. IMO the best approach would be to have an admin or moderator select a question that is appropriate and preferably something that would provoke plenty of interesting discussion.
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    leo2kp , April 28, 2009 7:47 PM
    Um, isn't that just a forum for one topic? Why not make a "QOTD" forum section and set the post number limit for topic starters to 2,000 or something? I think that having user-generated content would reduce Tom's credibility. We need a place where we can turn to for accurate and unbiased reviews and such. Right now I can go to my buddies and say "I found these results on Tom's" and they will take it. If we start seeing a bunch of user-generated stuff, the next time I say that they will laugh and I will be forced to kill myself. Is that what you want? ;) 
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    Master Exon , April 28, 2009 7:48 PM
    YES. Just have a "Suggestion Question" thread in the forum. Go go go go
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    Onus , April 28, 2009 7:50 PM
    I don't see why not, or have a moderator choose a particularly worthy forum thread (if found) to make into the QOTD.
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    kittle , April 28, 2009 7:59 PM
    I think the QOTD is a good idea. Let people submit them and TH staff can chuck out the useless junk and post the questions.

    yes there is a forum for such things, but the QOTD is easier to find as its on the main page - and I seldom visit the forums.
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    edwilson , April 28, 2009 8:02 PM
    why not make one day per week user day. Pick a question, and let some of the more experienced and non biased forum people take a crack at the answer. I have been a tom's member since prior to 2000, and I would be happy to volunteer my time to help answer some pre screened questions.
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    waikano , April 28, 2009 8:27 PM
    I have a question, not sure it would be considered of the Day.

    Will we ever see Ben and Rob do Second Take again on Tom's Games in all it's Glory?

    Man I miss those guys. What were the owners of THG thinking?
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    Scotteq , April 28, 2009 8:28 PM
    I wouldn't mind user submitted questions...

    Well.. Just so long as it isn't "ZOMG, my (32 bit) Windows doesn't read all 4GB of my RAM" serveral times a day, like on the forums.
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    JMcEntegart , April 28, 2009 8:57 PM
    The questions would be moderated. We'd probably end up assigning an email address for you to mail suggestions to. We would never just let you guys have at it... As much as we trust you, the internet is full of very, very boring people and no one wants to be subjected to that.

    We'd also be afraid people would use it to ask computer related questions specific to them like, "My cat peed on my keyboard, how do I dry it out?"

    Anywho, I'll keep you guys posted and let you know when we decide anything.
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