Toshiba Announces 20MP Sensor For 2013 DSCs

Toshiba said that its 20 MP TCM5115CL sensor will become available in volume in August 2013, in indicating that compact digital cameras will jump from an average of 12 to 16 MP resolution to 20MP by the end of next year.

The sensor leverages a pixel size of 1.2 micrometers and is promised to deliver a frame rate of 30 fps at 20 MP, 60 fps at 1080p and 100 fps at 720p. Toshiba said that it intends to capture 30 percent share of the image sensor market by 2015.


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  • wannabepro
    Frame Rate is kind of slow..

    That's not a very revolutionary leap either.. It's more evolutionary.

    We should have 50 MP images by now... (Not that we can actually see images that good)
  • warezme
    what they should be improving is low light response, higher dynamic range, low noise above 400 ISO and processing algorithms that don't turn images into water color paintings. All this uber Mpxl stuff is useless if the sensors just get smashed closer and closer together causing increased crossover as the ISO increases.
  • frenzyvanrafi
    I hope the camera sensor has 61MP, 4K with 60FPS, 1080p has 100FPS, 720p has 150FPS, even 480p has 240FPS :P :D