Tom's Guide: 18 Ways to Maximize Twitter

With five hundred million users, there's no doubt that Twitter is pretty popular Whether you use the service for work, play, or just to keep up with your favourite actors, authors, or famous personalities, there's a good chance you don't use just the web-based version of Twitter. Though it gets the job done, if you follow a lot of people, have multiple accounts, or are looking to track other kinds of data, just doesn't cut it. Luckily there are tons of apps to suit every kind of Twitter user on a range of different platforms, from desktop to Android. Check out '15 Ways to Maximize Twitter' to find one that matches your needs.

Though the word "twitter" means "idle or ignorant talk," there's nothing inconsequential about Twitter, the online service that made sharing messages in 140 characters effective. Twitter has been used to share opinions, communicate crucial information in times of emergencies, and even start protests.

There are many ways to use Twitter, including logging in and typing out your tweets (the short messages that form the basis for the service) on the website Here we detail sixteen other ways you can maximize the service as a method of expression, or even a tracking and marketing tool.

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  • ankaj
    What if I want to minimize twitter use?
    ankajWhat if I want to minimize twitter use?

    I would say maybe not accessing the site, ever? Give that a try.
  • p05esto
    What a stupid article (no offense). Toms readers don't really use Twitter, Facebook and other lame social media whore sites like that. An article like this has NO place on Toms Hardware. Take the hint please.... and most of us really don't want to hear about Apple products either, there's another hint for you.