Western Digital Announces New Consumer SSDs

Western Digital today announced a new line of solid state drives aimed at the consumer as part of the SiliconEdge 2.5-inch SSD family.

The new drives, dubbed the WD SiliconEdge Blue SSDs, come in capacities up to 256GB with a SATA 3.0Gb/s interface and have read speeds up to 250MB/s and write transfer rates up to 170MB/s.

WD boasts that its new multi-level cell (MLC) -based SSDs feature patented and patent-pending technologies, such as advanced wear-leveling and error correction control, though the company didn't explain how they differ from other SSD makers. The SiliconEdge Blue drives also support TRIM and NCQ (Native Command Queuing).

While these are consumer level drives, they're not going to be cheap. The MSRP for the 64GB model capacity is $279, the 128GB capacity is $529.00 and the 256GB capacity is $999.00 USD.

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  • doesn't sound like consumer level pricing to me either!!
  • Seems kinda pricey to me
  • Let me check if I can afford this

    Job...... There are none
    Loans.... Needed for general living expenses
    Lotto winnings... Dream on

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  • Seems kinda pricey to me
  • doesn't sound like consumer level pricing to me either!!
  • it uses JMicro controller supposedly, along with unimpressive performance for top-dollar...no thanks WD