New Windows for Tablets to be Shown This Week

According to Bloomberg sources, Microsoft this week will be previewing a version of Windows that is optimized for tablet devices.

The timing this week seems appropriate, as it will coincide with the All Things D in California as well as Computex in Taiwan. With the inevitable onslaught of new tablet designs to debut at the Taipei computer show, it is due time for Microsoft to show its answer to Apple's iOS and Google's Android Honeycomb.

Bloomberg believes that Windows President Steven Sinofsky will be giving the demo at All Things D, while Vice President Steve Guggenheimer will handle the show at Computex.

While Apple and Google already have tablets on the market, Microsoft's tablet Windows version won't be out until next year.

On the hardware side, Nvidia was chosen as the platform's chipmaker, who has been making inroads on the tablet market with its Tegra 2 chipset.

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  • plznote
    In 2012:
    Jobs: iOS 5 has 400,000 apps!
    Brin: Android has 450,000 apps!!
    Ballmer: Windows 8 has 9,999,999,999,999 apps.
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  • joytech22
    Now this is getting interesting.
    It makes me wonder how it will run on these devices, what kind of applications there will be and how they will run on a mobile platform.
  • volks1470
    This is what they said microsoft needed to get a good handle on the tablet market. hopefully it should prove to add more productivity to the tablet space that will make a keyboard dock very useful. Who knows...mouse input?
  • fyasko
    MS fail left and right... if they don't come up with a mobile platform soon they will be SOL.