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Android - Page 4


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - FEBRUARY 26 6

Samsung offers details on new Exynos 5 chip powering the Galaxy S5.

news - FEBRUARY 26 11

Huawei's latest tablet can also be used as a phone.

news - FEBRUARY 26 5

The Tegra 4-powered Tegra Note 7 can now grab data when not near Wi-Fi.

news - FEBRUARY 26 37

Samsung didn't mention this in its press conference last night.

news - FEBRUARY 24 26

Samsung's Galaxy S5 launch is just six weeks away.

news - FEBRUARY 24 13

Nokia's stepping away from Windows Phone and has taken a small step towards Android. We go hands on with the company's trio of Android smartphones.

news - FEBRUARY 24 11

The Sony Xperia Z2 is the new flagship phone that's still waterproof and dust resistant.

news - FEBRUARY 24 4

An affordable phone with very specific important features.

news - FEBRUARY 24 5

Sony updates its Xperia waterproof tablet with the new Z2 at MWC.

news - FEBRUARY 24 4

Pink is the new black?

news - FEBRUARY 24 6

Lenovo's 'high performance all-rounder' breaks cover in Barcelona.

news - FEBRUARY 24 2

SanDisk beefs up its storage offerings for next-gen smartphones and tablets.

news - FEBRUARY 23 9

Meizu’s MX series of Android smartphones are some of the most popular in China, and in 2014 Meizu is planning to release a new handset in North America. Not content to wait, we had the company sent us its...

news - FEBRUARY 21 1

Archos' is hitting the ground at MWC running with the unveiling of two new budget smartphones.

news - FEBRUARY 21 2

Archos' latest tablet packs 4G at a budget price.

news - FEBRUARY 21 10

If there is a screen-size arms race going on, then Samsung dropped the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb at CES when it announced a 12-inch tablet. We recently got a chance to go hands-on with this imposing piece...

news - FEBRUARY 21 10

Google's ATAP group making a phone that can sense the environment.

news - FEBRUARY 20 6

Now you can flash your own face with the Acer Liquid E3.

news - FEBRUARY 20 1

Acer continues the Liquid Z series with the super affordable Z4 phone.

news - FEBRUARY 20 14

Gionee goes for world's thinnest.

news - FEBRUARY 19 9

The LG G2 Mini is finally official but the specs don't excite.

news - FEBRUARY 14 1

Oppo's next big thing could actually be several things.

news - FEBRUARY 6 9

What we want from Gear 2.

news - FEBRUARY 4 1

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Google phone in the most passionate of colors is here. It's also the color of KitKat... coincidence?

news - FEBRUARY 2 17

OUYA got a new hairdo.

news - JANUARY 31 8

Rumors of colored Nexus 5s continue to thrive.