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Business Computing - Page 2


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.

news - JUNE 28 5

Bethesda has confirmed that Todd Hollenshead has departed.

news - JUNE 20 6

Logic Supply is rolling out its new fanless ML250 industrial systems.

news - JUNE 19 11

Looks like Nvidia wants to be in every computing device known to man.

news - JUNE 14 3

Intel has announced its new lineup of data center oriented SSDs; they come in capacities of up to 800 GB.

news - JUNE 14 22

Windows Store looks a lot like the Microsoft Store.

news - JUNE 14 15

Lenovo is now manufacturing PCs in North Carolina, creating 115 new local jobs. Go Lenovo go!

news - JUNE 6 7

Nvidia's CEO shoots down talk about building a smartphone or tablet.

news - JUNE 2 5

Sony is considering an IPO for its entertainment business.

news - MAY 31 9

WD is releasing a new lineup of hard drives, the Se lineup for datacenters.

news - MAY 31 4

Kingston is releasing a new lineup of business-oriented SSDs.

news - MAY 31 3

Powercolor is releasing a new low-profile graphics card that can drive up to four displays through its four mini-DisplayPort outputs.

news - MAY 29 4

Intel's doing a spot of shopping.

news - MAY 29 6

Touch screen-based notebooks are on the rise.

news - MAY 29 27

AMD is making big bucks off the Xbox One alone.

news - MAY 24 3

Nvidia is aiming to unleash "the full graphics potential of enterprise desktop virtualization" with the integration of its GRID vGPU into Citrix XenDesktop 7.

news - MAY 24 44

Your move, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

news - MAY 23 34

So now we know where and when, we just don't know what.

news - MAY 23 2

Samsung has started the production of a high-performance SSD for servers and data centers.

news - MAY 22 21

Some new information has surfaced regarding Intel's upcoming Xeon Phi Co-processors.

news - MAY 21 3

Figure includes 543,000 hotspots in London alone.

news - MAY 11 7

Amy Hood is replacing Peter Klein as chief financial officer.

news - MAY 8 5

Seagate has revealed four storage solutions spanning the consumer to the server.

news - MAY 7 4

Infineon Technologies and GlobalFoundries have launched a joint technology development and product agreement for 40 nm embFLASH process technology.

news - MAY 6 5

In contrast to the rather dismal results in Q1 2013, HTC CEO Peter Chou expects a 63.6 percent increase in Q2 2013 revenue and growth in gross margin to between 22 percent and 24 percent.

news - MAY 6 20

Smart Storage systems has released some SSDs aimed at enterprise environments which boast some impressive capacities.

news - MAY 4 26

Samsung uses popular music video Gangam Style for Advertising S4.