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CeBIT - Page 2


news - MARCH 6 7

When we saw MSI’s WindBOX at CES back in January, the company had the nettop as it’s supposed to be, mounted onto the back of an LCD panel ...

news - MARCH 6 5

OCZ, a company known for its RAM, SSD's and power supplies, is now jumping into the netbook market with the Neutrino.

news - MARCH 6 4

With the netbook selection heading in both directions of getting more affordable and sleeker, Asus is dropping its most modest offering from its Eee PC lineup.

news - MARCH 6 11

A-DATA unveiled its new consumer solid-state drive, packing in a whopping 500GB in an itty-bitty 2.5" space.

news - MARCH 5 3

BenQ and MSI both unveiled new notebooks today. BenQ's Joybook S57 and MSI's GT725 both come with Intel processors and ATI graphics.

news - MARCH 5 55

Kingston memory demonstrated an Intel Core i7 920 system this week packed with 24 GB of DDR3 of its ValueRAM memory.

news - MARCH 5 8

In October 2008, AMD announced that it’d be ditching the actual fabrication of its chip technology, and will be spinning off its factories to an outside company.

news - MARCH 5 10

In the age when we always want things to happen faster for our computers, sometimes even the quickest of processors and storage aren’t enough to satisfy our need for instant gratification.

news - MARCH 5 1

When you're going to use a new solid-state drive, you can expect to hook it up to your computer one of two ways: USB or eSATA. But new hybrid SSDs from Buffalo and Transcend pack both connections into a single...

news - MARCH 5 21

OCZ was demonstrating its new Z Drive with 1 TB of storage at CeBIT 2009 this week

news - MARCH 4 8

The Asus Eee brand has transformed into many things. What started out as a moniker for the value-oriented and focused netbook line that sparked a massive trend is now a label for consumer-oriented nettops,...

news - MARCH 4 7

Asus brought its all-in-one keyboard PC that we spotted at CES to Germany this week to give the masses a closer look at this interesting piece of kit.

news - MARCH 4 17

Shortly after the new year rang in there were reports made by various sources that Corsair was planning to enter the PC case market and they have come through, showing off a case at CeBIT.

news - MARCH 4 19

Seems as though it may be possible that P55 motherboards compatible with Intel's Core i5 CPUs (Lynnfield) may actually start shipping in July. Ultimately, that's Intel's call.

news - MARCH 4 36

The rift between Intel and Nvidia is about to get much, much bigger.For years, many have speculated that Nvidia would eventually release its own x86-based processor. While rumors can come and go, one is hard...

news - MARCH 3 9

VIA Technologies announces a new form factor designed for embedded developers named the Em-ITX form factor – 30 percent smaller than Mini-ITX.

news - MARCH 3 19

As if giving Nvidia the middle finger or slapping the graphics company in the face, ASRock managed to make ATI CrossFire cards run on Nvidia SLI motherboards.

news - MARCH 3 18

Asus unveils its stylish new Lamborghini-inspired VX5 notebook, featuring a 1 TB solid state drive

news - MARCH 3 23

NVIDIA shows once again that they are on the ball with the Windows 7 beta, as they have just released new 32-bit and 64-bit NVIDIA Windows 7 beta drivers.

news - MARCH 3 4

Inno3D sent over some info and screenshots of its GeForce GTS 250 and GeForce 9600GT E-Save cards, currently on display at CeBIT 2009.

news - MARCH 3 9

Nvidia took the chance at the opening day at CeBit in Hanover to introduce four new mobile GPUs that will cover a range of notebook price points and forms.

news - MARCH 3 4

Sunday Transcend Information revealed a swank looking portable hard drive that might actually take a kicking and keep on ticking.

news - MARCH 3 10

The EeePC T91GO is on display at Asus’ booth at CeBit in Hanover this week, and while the company has a lot of interesting kit to show off, the T91 stands out -- especially after yesterday’s news about...

news - MARCH 3 4

CeBit is taking place in Hanover, Germany this week and the news is already rolling in.

news - FEBRUARY 6 18

Technical drawings and specifications for the upcoming Nvidia GT218 cards seem to be surfacing slowly – possibly more information to follow at CeBIT this coming March and a possible public launch in April.

reviews - MARCH 26 0

Walter Yeh, Executive VP of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) talks about the attraction of Computex for local and foreign businesses, better traffic control for Computex and the Green...

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