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CeBIT - Page 6


news - FEBRUARY 21 0

OCZ announced that it will demonstrate PC2-8000 memory (DDR2-1000) at the Cebit tradeshow, which takes place from March 9 to 15 in Hannover, Germany.

news - FEBRUARY 7 0

Primera today said that it will be shipping a Blu-ray enabled disc publishing system in April of this year. The "Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publisher" integrates Pioneer's BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc/DVD Recorder and can be...

news - NOVEMBER 25 0

Taiwan motherboard specialist Tyan Computer, which concentrates on server and workstation products, is currently developing a concept which the company calls "the personal supercomputer."

reviews - OCTOBER 28 0

After months in the final development stage, NEC has released the first monitor on the market featuring LED backlighting: the NEC MultiSync LCD2180WG-LED-BK. The price won't be to everybody's taste, but...

reviews - JULY 25 0

What can you expect when AMD launches the Athlon 64 FX-59 by the end of the year? We overclocked AMD's FX-57 to 3 GHz to see what you will get. AMD's Socket M2 should also soon come into the picture.

reviews - JULY 18 0

Does DDR2-800 deliver the hoped-for performance boost for Intel PCs? With DIMMs from Adata and Corsair in hand, we experimented with slower clocks but very short timings.

reviews - MAY 25 0

With a simple adapter, Intel's Pentium M processor can be used on veteran mainboards based on the i865 and i875 chipsets. Would you believe that this unorthodox combination proves to be so fast that it beats...

reviews - MAY 23 0

We recently scrutinized the kind of picture you get with 26" LCD TVs, but we now go larger with a look at 30" and 32" wares. Does size matter when it comes to picture quality?

reviews - APRIL 27 0

There was plenty to say about the PF88 Extreme when it debuted at CeBIT earlier this year: its capability to accommodate either an Athlon 64 or Pentium 4 and many other features that come with a high-end...

reviews - APRIL 11 0

Midi tower PC buyers now expect a lot more from their case than just a box in which to put their motherboard, power supply unit and other components. We review 13 cases and gauge the value-add they offer in the...

reviews - MARCH 23 0

The Premium version of Asus' A8N-SLI motherboard allows you to turn on or off SLI in software, rather than requiring you to open your system case. Will this new feature help alleviate one of the issues that...

news - MARCH 21 0

At CeBIT 2005, leading handset vendors Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Sagem and NEC presented a host of feature phones, offering third-generation (3G) technologies, high-resolution digital cameras and...

news - MARCH 16 0

TwinMOS Technologies will start manufacturing DDR2-800 DRAM modules in small quantities later this year, probably in June, the company said at CeBIT.

news - MARCH 14 0

The leading DRAM-module maker in Asia, A-Data Technology, is using CeBIT 2005 to showcase its latest flash memory card products.

news - MARCH 12 0 has a post and pictures about ECS, which exhibits at CeBit its ECS PF88, the first mainboard to support both Intel P4 AND AMD Athlon 64 processors.

news - MARCH 11 0

At least eight Taiwan motherboard makers have been preparing models using Nvidia's new nForce4 SLI Intel Edition media and communications processor (MCP).

news - MARCH 10 0

Via put the first Mini-ITX mainboard with dual-processing capability on display at CeBit. The board is equipped with Via's Eden processors and will target compact server and multimedia systems.

news - MARCH 9 0

One day before CeBit opens its doors to the public, LG announced plans to stop a trend of falling prices for LC displays.

reviews - NOVEMBER 30 0

Finally, somebody did it: Gigabyte sent us a motherboard based on Intel's 915P chipset with two physical x16 PCIe connectors. By merging the ICH6's four x1 PCIe ports into one physical slot, an NVIDIA SLI...

reviews - JUNE 30 1

Common wisdom dictates that water cooling systems might offer better performance but are hard to install and represent a cumbersome amount of extra components. But can external water cooling systems prove...

reviews - JUNE 7 1

A new crop of PC cases offers some sleek designs, but how do their utility, safety and upgradeability measure up? THG gives you the low-down on what to expect.

reviews - FEBRUARY 1 1

Despite 90 nm process technology, larger caches, 13 new instructionsand changes in its NetBurst architecture, the Prescott does not bring down the house. Additionally, Intel has begun shipping faster Pentium 4...

reviews - JANUARY 14 0

The PC continues to make its way into the living room as the multimedia box of choice. Images, music, videos: whatever the format, today's PC represents the ideal media player, whether for the PC screen or a...

reviews - JUNE 26 0

The 20-ms line has now been crossed. And with it, most of the afterglow problem common to flat panels is solved. For our fourth set of comparative tests of the best currently available 17" monitors, we had two...

reviews - MAY 5 1

The choice of compact PC's for daily office use is growing, but they vary in size, shape and functionality. We examined three interesting systems from MSI, Shuttle and Saintsong in our lab.

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