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Google's Chrome browser, which runs on many platforms, is held in high esteem for its speed and security from those who seek the most from their web browsing experience. From extensions to security, Tom's Hardware has what you need to polish your chrome.

news - JUNE 1 12

HP's Chromebox is joining the fray.

news - JUNE 1 4

HP's newest Chromebook remains largely unchanged in terms of hardware.

Chrome on the Community

Chrome experts answer your questions

news - MARCH 8 11

Cheap and cheerful little Chromebox from Asus.

Tutorial - APRIL 29

I have had this issue and had to figure this out the hard way, so I decided to make a tutorial that will help...

news - MARCH 3 12

With Mobile World Congress behind us, Samsung is shifting its focus from smartphones and smartwatches to Chromebooks.

news - FEBRUARY 15 25

The need for (smooth) speed.

news - FEBRUARY 14 6

Windows-flavored Chromebooks thanks to VMWare.

news - JANUARY 20 3

Google is also working on an iOS for Chrome Remote Desktop.

news - JANUARY 16 17

Use Chrome to browse and cut down on your bandwidth consumption.

news - JANUARY 15 4

Google has cloned the Chrome OS interface with this latest Chrome browser release.

news - JANUARY 2 19

2014 may be a big year for Google's TV efforts.

news - DECEMBER 12 10

Dell is entering the Chromebook market next month.

news - DECEMBER 5 1

A toolkit to develop packaged apps for mobile was discovered.

news - DECEMBER 3 11

Acer is now offering a Chromebook with a touchscreen.

news - OCTOBER 24 1

Now Chromebooks and the Chrome browser provide slight parental controls.

news - OCTOBER 10 6

But it's going to cost you.

news - OCTOBER 8 8

Got Chromecast?

news - SEPTEMBER 27 1

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on Chrome apps!

news - SEPTEMBER 13 41

Google's next line of Chromebooks will run on Intel's fourth generation Core i-series of CPUs.

news - AUGUST 2 1

More entertainment as the summer rolls on.

news - JULY 24 11

This gadget plugs into an HDTV and turns it into a receiver for video and audio initiated by phones, tablets, and the Chrome browser.

reviews - JULY 1 102

Today, we have the latest benchmark results from the top four Windows-based Web browsers, along with a sneak peek at Opera's upcoming Chromium-based overhaul. Is this really a step-up from Presto/Carakan or...

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