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External Storage - Page 5


With several connecting technologies, storage technologies, and a constantly changing warranty landscape, it can be difficult to find the external storage device that meets your needs for speed, reliability, and budget. That's why we provide thorough reviews to help.

news - MAY 23 11

Seagate said that it has entered an agreement to purchase a majority share in consumer HDD storage vendor LaCie.

news - MAY 22 29

Market research firm IHS predicts a fast increase in HDD storage densities and, as a result, a similarly strong increase in storage capacities.

news - APRIL 30 29

Both Seagate and Western Digital have improved their HDD shipments following the disastrous Thailand flood last year.

news - APRIL 25 24

Here's the world's slimmest optical disc drive, ideal for ultrabooks without an optical drive, and tablets for watching movies on the go.

news - APRIL 24 58

Google Drive is finally here!

news - APRIL 24 22

Microsoft has also updated SkyDrive with three paid capacities and a free 25 GB upgrade for current users.

news - APRIL 22 52

Not even James Bond would dare to steal the data on these drives.

news - APRIL 18 10

G-Technology announced an external Thunderbolt drive the company claims is capable of reaching sustained throughput of 280 MB/s.

news - APRIL 17 29

Sony is pushing the industry into ditching the old-school tape storage system with its new Optical Disc Archive Drive.

news - APRIL 11 12

CloudFTP has made it from Kickstarter into a real-world product.

picture story - APRIL 6 90

Although we sometimes have a hard time acknowledging hardware more than a few years old, external PC storage has been evolving since the early 1900s. Let's take a walk down memory lane and remember back to how...

news - APRIL 3 35

Market researchers believe that the HDD industry will be able to recover this year and grow unit shipments again.

news - APRIL 3 13

Samsung said that it is building a new factory to manufacture NAND flash chips to meet the growing demand that is especially created by mobile computing devices.

news - MARCH 20 40

Now you can cram 2 TB into your pants and honestly brag about it.

news - MARCH 20 40

This new areal density milestone could pave the way to 3.5-inch drives with 60 TB capacities.

news - MARCH 16 17

WD is shipping the My Book Thunderbolt Duo external storage system, but it doesn't come cheap.

news - MARCH 15 16

Marvell announced mass market availability of its new 88SS9187 SATA controller that will find its way into SSDs for ultrabooks.

news - MARCH 11 21

Promise Technology announced a smaller version of its Pegasus RAID storage box that integrates 2.5-inch hard drives as well as Thunderbolt connectivity.

news - MARCH 2 24

Western Digital (WD) and Toshiba announced that the two companies have reached an agreement under which WD will sell certain 3.5-inch manufacturing and distribution assets.

news - FEBRUARY 12 66

Based on first quarter earnings reports, IHS has updated its hard disk drive (HDD) supply forecast. The company does not expect annual growth to return until the third quarter of this year. "A full recovery of...

news - FEBRUARY 9 41

Researchers have discovered that recording data on a HDD platter using a quick laser burst is much faster than the traditional use of a magnetic field.

news - FEBRUARY 2 24

This adapter provides a Thunderbolt connection to Seagate's portable GoFlex external drives.

news - FEBRUARY 2 44

Seagate estimates 2012 HDD shortage at 150 million units

news - JANUARY 28 44

Cleversafe, a cloud storage software vendor which offers its customers "limitless storage space", says that it has designed a dispersed storage system that exceeds a storage capability of 10 Exabytes (EB), or...

news - JANUARY 26 23

Western Digital has introduced an external drive using Thunderbolt connectivity.

news - JANUARY 25 48

Hardware manufacturers continue to feel the effects of the 2011 Thai floods.