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Smartphones - Page 3


The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.

news - JUNE 2 1

Acer's smartband won't make an appearance until later this year.

news - JUNE 2 0

Asus announced its Transformer Book V at Computex. It's a multifunction device (phone, laptop, tablet) that runs Android and Windows 8.1.

news - MAY 29 2

Is HTC preparing to add another device to the 2014 One family?

news - MAY 29 4

Smartphone theft is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent types of property crime, and the mobile security firm Lookout thinks they can help stop it. On Wednesday, the company launched a new feature for...

news - MAY 28 2

Six months later, the U.S. is finally getting its first PadFone.

news - MAY 28 13

An iris scanner may arrive on high-end Samsung smartphones.

news - MAY 28 7

After countless leaks and teasers, LG finally formally announced its new flagship G3 Android smartphone today.

news - MAY 23 2

Samsung is keen to get a slice of the VR pie.

news - MAY 21 11

HTC's rumored follow-up to the One M8 has been leaked, and it's made from an "exotic material."

news - MAY 20 33

Nvidia's CEO talks about Tegra 4i, a $3,000 graphics card, and more.

news - MAY 20 12

Microsoft is looking for someone to work on the next-gen Cortana.

news - MAY 17 10

The HTC One M8 has a little brother of its own.

news - MAY 13 11

We go hands on with Motorola's newest budget handset.

news - MAY 13 0

Look out Android! The updated Firefox OS has a number of new features.

news - MAY 10 13

The ZTE Open C is now on eBay around the world.

news - MAY 7 0

Huawei's newest Ascend smartphone will arrive just under a year after its predecessor was first unveiled.

news - MAY 6 12

We pull out our slide rules and spec sheets to measure up the OnePlus One with other leading smartphones.

news - MAY 5 0

Sony is experimenting with a cool user interface for smartphones.

news - MAY 3 0

Another day, another leak about Amazon's so-called 3D smartphone.

news - MAY 1 0

At Tuesday's "A Touch More Connected" global press conference, Acer surprised everyone by previewing its latest Android smartphone, the 5-inch Liquid Jade.

news - MAY 1 0

Ubuntu for Android is waiting on a launch partner.

news - MAY 1 2

The countdown to the G3 is on.

news - MAY 1 1

Is Motorola about to introduce us to an even cheaper phone than the Moto G?

news - APRIL 30 9

Looking at Samsung's 2014 Galaxy phones side-by-side.

news - APRIL 29 0

Cat's out of the bag.

news - APRIL 29 0

Another awesome build from the Raspberry Pi community.