100 million websites by the end of this year?

The Internet continues to grow at an impressive speed. According to a survey conducted by Netcraft earlier this month, there are currently 88,166,395 sites available - 2.87 million more than last month. 14.1 million new hostnames - about 19% of all currently online hostnames - were added in the first half of this year. At a pace of more than 2 million new hostnames per months, it seems likely that there will be more than 100 million websites by the end of this year.

Netcraft found that Apache was able to gain back market shares from Windows servers after a several months of decline. Apache saw its base grow by 3.2 million hostnames during June and now holds a 63.25% market share, according to the survey. The share of Windows servers dropped slightly to 29.48%. Solaris had a rough month and lost 953,000 servers and almost 75% of its market share, which now stands at 0.39%.