Motorola Android Tablet Possible in Q4 2010

More tablet rumors appeared Monday, this time focused on Motorola and a possible Android-based device slated for the end of the year. Analyst Roger Crenshaw is the originator behind this particular rumor, referring to sources close to the tablet project.

So far the specs are scarce at best. The tablet will supposedly feature a 10-inch screen and come packed with Android 3.0 aka "Gingerbread." We already know that Google is focusing on the visual end of Android for the next release, making it more iPad-like--perfect for some holiday competition.

Additionally, there’s also no indication that the device will be locked with Verizon and its DROID brand although that could definitely be a possibility (given the whole AT&T/iPad relationship). This would be an excellent opportunity for Verizon to cash in on the pay-as-you-go consumers, offering data-by-the-bulk package deals like AT&T does with the iPad --if the supposed Motorola tablet actually provides 3G support, that is.

Previously Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said that the company plans to release a 2GHz phone in Q4 2010--there was also mention of plans to branch out to other devices as well, tablets included.

  • buddhav1
    What good will 3G on the tablet be if Verizon kills it's unlimited data plan?

    Learn from the iPad, Motorola.
  • i7Rocks
    people need to actually look at the pricing structures of the new data plans before crying about losing unlimited data. ATT actually did a good job and for most people they will save money. I would mostly use a tablet on my wifi so I would not want to pay for unlimited if I could use a cheaper plan. Stop overreacting, unlimited data will soon be a thing of the past, get used to it.
  • failboat
    Anything to not have to pay the apple tax.
  • dEAne
    Good for Motorola, but for Verizon plan on limited plan (3G) this is a different thing.
  • eddieroolz
    Wonder if they'll lock the bootloader on this as well...