Low Cost iPhone Pictures Leaked (Or Just an iPhone 5 Case)

Apple has not released an iPhone since September 12 of last year, preferring to keep busy by fighting the battle of patents; filing, fighting, winning, losing. Despite the ominous silence emanating from Apple's Development Labs, rumors always seem to find a way to crop up, along with many photoshopped, edited and digitally rendered designs claimed to be authentic. However, in an unusual occurrence, we found two unrelated sources suddenly showing remarkably similar images of a new iPhone shape and casing material.

While an FBI "Zoom and Enhance" function would be handy here, we can still gather a lot from just two plain images. The phone seems to be made of plastic, suggesting this to be the design of the much rumored low-cost iPhone to be released along with the next generation iPhone hardware. The case design also fits the expectations we have of Apple, which has been leaning back to smooth cases again after the iPhone 5's relatively sharp edges. The dock connector seems to be the new lightning connector that Apple has decided to use instead of the industry standard micro USB, adding to the new iPhone expectation. While all of this speculation should be taken with a grain of salt, we can only hope that Apple decides to expand into the mid-range price market with a budget iPhone.

Of course, this could just be a case on an iPhone 5.


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  • halcyon
    iPhones are just not exciting. ...and with some carriers offering a free iP4 (with contract) what's to be gained?
  • xero141
    revolutionary. lol
  • de5_Roy
    so... apple's new low cost(!) iphone is actually a case. that makes sense. apple wants to show the budget conscious buyers that low budget gets them the case only, not the phone. take this post with a grain of NaCl.
  • Now, let's get ready for apple to make trollpatents about lowcost phones.
  • fat_panda
    What an useless article, with useless picture.
  • falchard
    Apple and low-cost are not synonymous. At best this will be an expensive cheaply made phone
  • saidge
    Dibs on the horrible and unfunny pun:
    So either way is the best case scenario?
  • chechak
    make the life easier ....apple do you understand please