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Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes to Chinese Consumers

Apple has yet again released an apology, this time to the people of China concerning their warranty policies, or lack thereof. The controversy concerning their warranty policy for Chinese customers has been growing recently, with unclear small print about the conditions, botched repair works, and a general low quality of standard. 

The letter, which can be seen on the website here, was signed by CEO Tim Cook. It mentioned many forthcoming improvements to the quality of service. Among these improvements are clearer policy statements, increased staff training and supervision, and a more streamlined channel of communication between the customer and Apple Feedback Service. They also have upcoming plans to improve the methods by which iPhone 4 and 4S repairs are handled and executed.

A week before the letter was released, the Chinese state media was in the process of openly criticizing Apple and their handling of complaints, calling them "Arrogant" in their attitude towards Chinese customers and insinuating that they evade local taxes and preach their innocence in the face of incriminating evidence. 

The letter responds to those claims by stating that Apple is aware that a lack of external communication on their part has led to these speculations, and that they offer both a sincere apology and guarantee that things will be set right. As the Chinese market is a huge asset to Apple both in the form of production and sales, it is hardly surprising that they issue an official apology addressing these serious allegations.

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