VIDEO: Apple Puts the Genius Bar on TV with New Ads

All eyes were on London last Friday as the city hosted the opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Of course, with so many people watching from all around the world, the ceremony represented a golden opportunity for advertisers. Apple was among those that advertised during the opening ceremony, airing brand new material that represents quite a departure from the norm as far as Apple ads are concerned.

Cupertino's latest commercials aren't singing the praises of the iPad, iPhone or iPod. Instead, the company is advertising its Genius Bar (or the people behind said Genius Bar, we're not sure which). This is the first time Apple has featured the Genius Bar in its commercials. The ads show an Apple Genius Bar worker heroically saving technologically-challenged individuals with computer problems.

All told there are three new ads, dubbed Mayday, Labor Day, and Basically. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

Apple Genius Ad - Mayday

Apple Genius Ad - Labor Day

Apple Genius Ad - Basically

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  • jakes69
    is it just is making all their users look dumb. First it was the Siri commercials now tis.
  • vertigo_2000
    Yea, I gotta say, I really think they made their customers look like morons.
  • lamorpa
    The more accurate name would be The Pretentious Dick Bar, but Apple is smart enough to not name it that.
  • Other Comments
  • Kami3k
    Went to each one and disliked it. Not surprisingly they don't allow comments, wouldn't want people to say how their "genius" bar is the complete opposite.
  • freggo
    Let me see what I get from the commercial.
    If you buy an Apple device you need the help of a Genius to use the thing ?
    It is that difficult to use???
    Wow, I better stick with my PC then :-)
  • jakes69
    is it just is making all their users look dumb. First it was the Siri commercials now tis.