Apple to Show New iPhone 3.0, Mac OS X in June

Adding fuel to the new iPhone fire, Apple yesterday announced that the company would be holding an event for developers at the beginning of June.

This year's World Wide Developer’s Conference is set to take place June 8 to 12, and while there’s nothing in the invite about new hardware, the company last year announced the iPhone 3G at the WWDC. Set to take place at Moscone West in San Francisco, Apple promises users a look at the “powerful software behind the iPhone OS and Mac OS X,” which can really only mean one thing: iPhone 3.0 and Snow Leopard.

If you want to attend this year’s WWDC, you’re going to be paying a price. While Apple boasts those who book in the next month or so (before April 24) will save three hundred bucks, early bird tickets will still set you back $1295. Ouch.

We know there’s not a lot of Mac users around these parts (at least, not as many as there are iPhone users), but if you’re part of the Mac-minority, what kind of changes would you like to see implemented with Snow Leopard? Let us know in the comments.

  • mcnuggetofdeath
    ive heard that parallel processing will be built into snow leopard, and since ive got a decent gpu that would be huge in terms of decoding, compression, etc. Assuming drivers come out ( which i doubt because osx clearly runs on proprietary hardware ) then i might throw it on my PC and see how well it runs. For now, im running XP and Linux Mint while waiting for windows 7.
  • doopydoo22
    "We are pleased to announce that the platform lock on OSX is being removed and OSX is now completely open-source!"

    "And now we would also like to announce that this building will explode in 15 seconds! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
  • Square_Head
    I would love it if OS 10.6 would revamp some of the basic programs included. The picture viewer is crap. I would like to have a few new games. Better Window management (Expose is great... but it needs a few tweeks). Faster load times of thumbnails. Better cross platform performance on windows files. Who knows... Leopard is great right now... can't do too much to fix it.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Ok, I'll get this out of the way quickly before it gets swamped by other comments:

    Snow Leopard will *not* magically make your programs run faster just because of all the new multithreaded performance tweaks and CUDA integration etc. I know to some of you this might sound like a stupid and obvious comment but the number of people that seem to think that it'll wave a magic wand is surprisingly high. 10.6 should make writing parallel code a darned sight easier in theory, true. It should be a fair bit snappier since everything under the hood is meant to be rewritten in parallel (significantly a parallelised Finder). However, existing code will not run significantly faster, if at all. Single threaded programs will run just as fast. There's a chance that existing parallel codes will be able to use better system libraries to run faster but, honestly, the gains will be minimal. This isn't to say that down the line 10.6 will prove to be far faster than 10.5 due to multithreading, but its going to take time for the newer technologies to be adopted.

    Apple is hyping up the multithreading of 10.6 which can lead to such assumptions as I've mentioned above. Why are they doing this? Well, 10.6 is largely an 'under the hood' improvement. As others have said, there's not a lot of obvious stuff that users will see in which they can exact improvements. Snow Leopard comes with all kinds of fantastic technical improvements and performance benefits but most of those will not be seen by the user. So they're caching in on the current chitter-chatter of multiprocessing.

    I certainly can't wait for 10.6 to come out and I'm very excited in regards to programming with CUDA etc. The multithreaded Finder would be enough on its own for me to upgrade. I just hope people can be realistic with their expectations of the new OS.
  • norbs
    Not sure I understand... Will cuda be so integrated that if you have a cuda supported card it will automatically take off some CPU load?
  • zerapio
    OSX 10.6 has native support for OpenCL (a parallel program or GPGPU language). NVIDIA's drivers with OpenCL support take the OCL instructions and translate them to CUDA. From that point on it works just like in Windows.
  • zerapio
    > From that point on it works just like in Windows.
    To clarify, "it" refers to the NVIDIA card in the Apple system running 10.6
  • Update the GUI! We've been stuck with the Aqua theme for like, forever. At least Windows lets you customize the colors and themes of your computer. Common Apple, get with the times.
  • Herbert_HA
    I've had to wait quite a while before migrating to Leopard from Tiger, because it was unstable and full of bugs. Adobe CS3 wouldn't work properly and since I'm a designer, it was hell. Some say it was because of iPhone, that they were allocating efforts to complete it's OS and than released and incomplete and bugged Leopard. Only after 10.5.2 things started to settle down and now it's great.
    I just want them to make a good OS from start so I don't have to wait a year or 2 before upgrading.