Apple TV Not Launching in 2012

According to the rumor mill, Apple has been working on its own-brand TV for years. Though the company already has a digital media player dubbed 'Apple TV,' the last few years have been rife with rumors of an actual HDTV from Apple. It seems every new event Apple plans, there are questions as to whether or not the company will be unveiling an HDTV. However, those hoping for an Apple television can probably write off 2012, because the latest scuttlebutt says there's no announcement coming this year.

Bloomberg cites sources that say Apple won't be releasing a TV this year. People familiar with the discussions told Bloomberg that Apple is still struggling to cut deals with cable and media companies. Two of the biggest issues are apparently control over the software that determines the system's user interface and whether or not the box should be sold by Apple or through cable companies. Apple is working to develop a system that would allow users to find programs they like, and recommend shows based on what they've already watched. This system could be controlled by the iPhone or an iPod and would include both live and recorded content. 

This isn't the first time we've heard that Apple's TV might not launch in 2012. Back in March, Business Insider cited a research note that said Apple TV was a 2013 event. Apple has so far had huge success with the smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, and digital music industry but the company is famous for demanding complete control of each device. With this Apple HDTV, Apple would no doubt want the same amount of control that is has with the iPod and iTunes, or the iPhone and the App Store. Cupertino can't launch its TV without the help of major media companies, but with cable and media companies, already feeling threatened by digital distribution and services like Netflix, will be driving a hard bargain.

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  • house70
    Of course. A-la-carte TV programming would spell doom for a lot of media companies, as nobody will be ordering them. Their only chance is to stay inside these "packages" that are sold to customers by cable and satellite operators.
    That's why the average customer is using less than 20% of all the channels he/she is paying for.
  • teh_chem
    house70Of course. A-la-carte TV programming would spell doom for a lot of media companies, as nobody will be ordering them. Their only chance is to stay inside these "packages" that are sold to customers by cable and satellite operators. That's why the average customer is using less than 20% of all the channels he/she is paying for.Same was said about the music industry with a-la-carte music programming, yet music delivery/download services like iTunes/Amazon/Google Music have done it justice. It can work, if you get big players to convince people. I'm no lover of Apple, but they got it going with iTunes and mp3 purchasing. Hoping Apple and Amazon and Google can do the same with television
  • gsacks
    Well, if Apple really wants full control over the device, that means they would have to eliminate all external input ports, or people could very easily just plug in any set-top box of their choosing. But releasing a TV with no input ports seems like a terribly bad idea that would not sell very well.
  • viper666
    And nothing of value was lost...
  • applegetsmelaid
    Please don't launch ever.
  • christarp
    applegetsmelaidPlease don't launch ever.because competition is a bad thing!
  • ricdiculus
    Please apple stay away from tvs, I like my Samaung damnit!
  • mmstick
    Who needs an Apple TV when you could just get Ubuntu TV?
  • reprotected
    I love how people continue to bitch about how Apple deserves to lose in every lawsuit when they haven't even read one word off of the claims Apple makes against other companies, while also insisting that all Apple products suck and pretend that Windows, Android and Linux products are a million times more superior without even trying Mac OS X (and no, I did not say buy a Macbook, but at least try using the OS).
    Haters' logic: Macs' can't game, therefore they suck. iOS is more attractive to developers and therefore has more polished apps and games compared to Android at the moment, but it's made by Apple so iOS sucks. Apple is closed-source, therefore they suck, but Windows is the best. Apple sues companies and wins, patent system is corrupt, Apple should be boycotted. Apple fanboys suck because they didn't buy the Galaxy S III. Android doesn't have a program that manages music, movies and apps all in one like Apple's iTunes, but iOS is made by Apple and Apple sucks, so therefore iTunes and iOS sucks. Facebook sucks because I don't use it, and I'll pretend that I was aware of every single privacy issue that was brought up by them and claim that I was smart not to use them because I am special.
    Logical logic: Mac hardware is more expensive compared to my own built Windows, therefore I should buy Windows, or for curiosity, I will build a Hackintosh. I really like the Mac OS X since it feels more optimized compared to Windows, and I do not need to game, I will purchase a Macbook regardless of the price. I would prefer an Android since they have widgets, and since I do not need the ridiculous amount of games iOS has in the store, plus I need my SIM card to fit in my new smartphone since the Apple uses a different type of SIM card, I will get an Android phone. Perhaps I will get an iPhone because I do not favour the fact that backing up and restoring my phone's OS is tedious and will have to rely on software I do not trust from another developer, while everything can be managed with my iPhone, I will purchase an iPhone. I am not happy with Apple's ethics, but at the same time, Samsung did indeed steal directly from Apple (see their TouchWiz); Apple did not claim that they owned the concept of a GUI, Samsung should have seen that coming. I prefer not to use Facebook as my social network since I can still communicate with other friends via IM or phone without too many privacy issue; however that does not make Facebook the devil since they still have policies that protect your privacy from other people, and you DID agree with the Terms and Conditions.
    Please hate more, haters. Popcorn ready :D
  • keither5150
    chillax reprotected, I have used iOS for 2 years, and android for the last year. I don't miss iOS or iTunes. iTunes was replaced by Zune pass. I have 3 HTPC's running windows 7 mce with Recorded TV HD plugins. All machines have colossus hd capture cards and share everything wired and wireless throughout the house. I tried using iTunes across 3 machines. It does not work as designed. Believe me.... Apple has nothing that I want. They will never allow DVR function as long as iTunes makes them that much money. I simply read the article to see if they are entering the HTPC market...... I think not. Ubuntu TV looks promising.

    I don't hate iOS, I just prefer Android. I don't hate OSX I just prefer windows.
    I don't hate apple users, I am much happier since I gave up on the education process.