Early iPad Reviews Give Apple Two Thumbs Up

The iPad is landing this coming Saturday and with so many people expected to rush out and buy one (analysts predict Apple will sell between six and 10 million iPads this year), let's take a look at the reviews that are going to play a huge part in people's decision to buy this device.

Apple isn't known for giving out review products and when it came to the iPad, only a handful of people were sent review units to try. So what did everyone think? Overall, the reviews are what we expected. Though they did mention the shortcomings of the device, like the fact that there's no webcam, the general consensus was that this was a great piece of electronics. One thing we didn't expect was the majority of reviewers reporting that the battery life was better than they expected/Apple projected. Most people will know that the estimated battery life from a manufacturer can often be a little optimistic. However, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Boing Boing all report that battery life was more than the 10 hours Steve Jobs promised.

If you're interested in getting a concise, bare essentials type of review, check out Gizmodo's Mega Meta Review, which combines all the main points of all the reviews out there.

If you're looking for something a bit more detailed, my advice is to check out David Pogue's write up for the New York Times. Pogue did two mini-reviews (as opposed to one big one), one each for techies and for "everyone else." They're both decent and they do give a certain amount of insight into why certain people like the iPad but others absolutely hate it.

Click here for Pogue's reviews.

  • spoofedpacket
    "If you're looking for something a bit more detailed"

    How about just something I can read on a 24" monitor? That meta review image is tiny.
  • djtronika
    here comes the haters. for me, here comes my ipad this saturday!
  • drksilenc
    yea ill be happy with my evo 4g that i have money set aside for... still fits in the pocket and its my everyday cellphone
  • Keiki646
    Waste of money I would say, 0No I am not hating, there is not such thing when the ipad can't even have a simple application to view videos.
    it's it worth 500 dollars when you can get a nexus one for the same price of a iphone or even a notebook and netbook for the same price.
  • KyleSTL
    Does it matter if it's a 'good' device or if reviewers like it? Absolutely not, because people will buy it (lots of people, that is), and Apple's stock will continue to set records. In most people’s books, that’s a success (especially management and shareholders).
  • djtronika
    drksilencyea ill be happy with my evo 4g that i have money set aside for... still fits in the pocket and its my everyday cellphonei still dont understand why people compare the ipad to a cell phone. "screw the xbox 360, i still have money set aside for a nintendo ds" different products, different uses, different people.
  • HEY, WAIT!!!
    Seeing as this is April Fools day, doesn't that mean that this review means exactly the Opposite of what it's saying? Like Sponge Bob Square Pants would say, It's Opposite Day!
    So wouldn't that mean that Apple actually got ""Two thumbs Down ????""

    Why else would they make such an announcement on April fools day?
  • vertigo_2000
    I have an iPod Touch and barely use it. I hate iTunes. It's a great piece of tech though.

    I just don't see myself buying an iPad.
  • A brilliant April Fool's joke! You almost got me!
  • warezme
    ipads were only sent to a select few reviewers...., translated: sent to only a select few reviewers whom we have in our pockets and are assured of giving us a good rating.