Apple Changes iPad's '4G' for 'Cellular' in UK, Australia

Apple's latest model of iPad is the first 4G LTE product the company has produced. However, the company was soon facing complaints when the iPad launched abroad. While the iPad was capable of utilizing the U.S.'s 4G LTE networks, the LTE bands in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom were different. As a result, those who bought the 4G + WiFi iPad wouldn't actually be able to use the device to surf the 4G airwaves. 


Consumers outside of the U.S. complained that Apple's website clearly labeled the iPad 3 as '4G + WiFi' without making it clear that they wouldn't be able to get 4G speeds if they weren't on a compatible network. It has since emerged that Apple has changed the wording to better reflect the iPad's capabilities. ZDNet notes that Apple's U.K. and Australian online retail stores have both replaced the "4G" with "Cellular" in an effort to smooth things over with Australia's Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Advertisement Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK. Apple has also removed mention of 4G from the iPad video it has on its website.

4G LTE networks in the United States run on the 700 - 2100MHz spectrum, while the UK's 4G LTE will (once it's launched) operate on the 800 - 2600MHz spectrum. Owners of the new iPad will still avail of faster 3G speeds than those rocking the old iPad 2, but they won't be able to get onto the 4G networks when they launch.

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  • zanny
    Of course they changed it from 4G, American 4G isn't real ITU certified 4G, it is just shitty low bandwidth cruft to try to rip off consumers who don't know any better. They are nowhere near the 100mbit minimum to have actual 4G.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Conclusion: inserting words like "simple" and "easy to use" in your product description convinces the customers that the products are indeed simple and easy to use.
  • del35
    Some would say that if you are clueless enough to buy Apple products, then you deserve to be deceived.