CNN Titles Apple Tablet as 'The Everything Killer'

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Apple's supposed plans for a tablet. Just when I think I'll be able to go the entire month of November without hearing about it, CNN carries a report that cites analyst Laura DiDio who has a few details about the device.

DiDio says that the device will pack a 10- 12-inch touchscreen, a high-end graphics card that will enable "stunning resolution," and a webcam for video conferencing on the go. More interestingly, DiDio seems to believe that Apple, "learned its lesson" in charging $599 for the first iPhone and pricing out many potential customers.

CNN also spoke to David Wertheimer, executive director of the University of Southern California's Entertainment Technology Centre, who believes the device will be an "instant hit" with the ereader and netbook crowds.

"The Tablet will be awesome, and my guess is that it will be an instant hit for people who loved Kindles and people who want netbooks," said Wertheimer.

However, it seems not all analysts and entertainment pundits are as taken by the device as DiDio and Wetheimer. Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with Yankee Group, told CNN that these multi-function devices are better for ad-hoc purposes, like quick and dirty tasks, adding, "They're not for any prolonged, high-performance use."

Check the full story here.

  • Jenoin
    10- 12-inch touchscreen, a high-end graphics card that will enable "stunning resolution,"; "learned its lesson" in charging $599 for the first iPhone

    This woman clearly knows absolutely nothing about graphics cards or the apple business model.
  • lvlouro
    I'll wait till it comes out and all the heat dissipates...
  • tayb
    I have a hard time believing Apple is going to be releasing a 12" tablet for $599 or less but if they DO launch it for that price I'll be buying one. Don't have anything really portable in my arsenal (cell phones don't count) and this would seem to fit the bill nicely. Browse the web with finger input on the couch, watch videos, listen to music, or hook it up to a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and treat it like a regular netbook.

    The "everything killer", however, sounds absolutely ridiculous. Really? Everything? They are using the word everything? As in it's a gaming laptop killer as well? Come on.
  • ac21365
    Not sure what kind of demand there'll be for a tablet-sized itouch, outside of the smug crowd.
  • velocityg4
    These people seem to think it will be a phone carrier supported device. Which I hope it is not. I have always wanted a mac tablet. But to be a notebook replacement. As I would prefer to hand write notes or letters rather than type them in.

    The biggest advantage of a tablet to me is to be able to stand and write which is impossiple on a notebook computer without a surface to set it on. Which is useless if you are walking around taking notes. Say at a store or a jobsite.

    As for portable internet it is neat but I do not need it. And would not buy such a device from any company were I am stuck paying a monthly fee for internet.

    Though if it is heavily discounted by carriers. I would probably just look at the discounted price plus the cancelling contract fee to see if that total is worth it for the iTab.
  • climber
    Probably stunning Intel integrated 4500HD graphics... yawn...
  • brendano257
    A price range would be nice...personally I don't think a tablet needs "stunning graphics" at least gaming wise, but a decent card for atleast 720p without stuttering would be a definite.
  • boggie6868
    Yes I'd love to type my essays on a fully touch screen tablet. It sounds amazing.
  • tayb
    ac21365Not sure what kind of demand there'll be for a tablet-sized itouch, outside of the smug crowd.
    Probably no demand at all in the rabid PC fanboy crowd that you reside in.
  • TwoDigital
    Again... these things have been available for YEARS and they're pretty neat (if you like Macs.)