Archos Turns Any HDTV into Android-Powered Smart TV

Just days before the gadget makes its debut at CES 2013 in Las Vegas next week, Archos revealed the TV Connect, a multi-touch device that turns any HDTV into an Android-powered Smart TV. It's billed as the "only" multi-touch Android-on-TV experience for your favorite apps and games, comprised of an HDMI-based over-the-top box and a specially designed TV Touch remote that resembles a QWERTY-packed gamepad.

"The TV Connect allows you to control your TV just like a tablet - tap, swipe, zoom in, zoom out, select or type," the company said. "With the TV Connect, users will be able to play games, stream videos, video chat in HD, email friends or surf the web all from their big screen TV."

According to the product sheet, the remote features a full QWERTY keyboard with Android shortcut keys – including keys for voice controls and voice typing -- packed within a gamepad-like form factor. Dual analog thumb-sticks allow the user to easily zoom in, zoom out and rotate with unique gesture controls. They also allow the user to control the TV as if it were a tablet offering tapping and swiping motions.

In addition to the keyboard and thumb-sticks (the latter of which can be used for gaming), the remote also provides a directional button and the typical 4-button gamepad setup. The gadget's patented Archos game mapping tools allow the user to link the virtual controls of any game to the TV Touch remote’s physical controls in a matter of seconds.

As for the over-the-top box, it rests on the top of your HDTV and plugs into an HDMI port. It's powered by Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" and provides full access to Google Play's library of apps, games, movies, music and more. Search the internet using Chrome, or check out videos of pouting cats on YouTube. There's even an HD webcam for making video calls, and an LED that notifies the user when a call is received while watching TV.

The spec sheet reveals that the over-the-top box includes a 1.5 GHz multi-core SoC, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, an SD card slot for an additional 32 GB of storage, a microUSB port, a USB host port, Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connectivity, and more.

"As a pioneer in multimedia Android devices, we wanted to create a bigger, better way to enjoy Android," said Henri Crohas, Founder and CEO of Archos. "The Archos TV Connect provides users with a multi-touch, multi-media Smart TV experience powered by Android."

The Archos TV Connect will be available starting in February for $129.99.

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  • xpeh
    otacon72"It's powered by Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" and provides full access to Google Play's library of apps, games, movies, music and all the security holes and mallware you'll need."No
  • wudien
    ive used android for the past two years and have never had issues with "security holes" and/or "malware". i do see that the gs3 had some security holes but that is samsungs fault. also i dont know what mallware is.. like clothes? ;)

    in short, i want this! (even though i just ordered an android on a stick)
  • cRACKmONKEY421
    Holy crap that's ugly. Just an initial reaction.
  • SteelCity1981
    meh my lg hdtv already has a pretty good smart tv setup with a browser and many apps.
  • i stopped caring about archos when they stopped making dvrs
  • mayankleoboy1
    you could already do that 6 months ago, with many $40 "android on a stick" devices.
    Whats so special by Archos, apart from higher price?
  • bustapr
    mayankleoboy1you could already do that 6 months ago, with many $40 "android on a stick" devices.Whats so special by Archos, apart from higher price?read the article
  • Darkerson
    I think its pretty neat. Since my HDTV isnt one of the newer internet connected smart TVs, it would be a nice little addition. For those occasions where I mainly just surf the web on my main system, i could instead use this and save wear and tear on it and on my electric bill. I also like the way the game pad is set up and it could be fun for some things like NES/SNES emulation, and some of the interesting RPGs on android. Im interested, at any rate.
  • kartu
    At 130$ it's a bargain.
    "Skype ready" cameras (for Samsung TVs) alone cost 150$ and this thingy offers so much more.
  • CrArC
    otacon72I just said it to get a rise out of the Google fanboys.... always entertaining.Oh. I just thought you were retarded.

    RE the article, I can't imagine this being brilliant but it joins an ever-growing fray of Android-based TV solutions, and the more the merrier I say. Will be ordering my third Android TV set top box soon, they're very capable devices for the price. Terrible user experience unless you know what you're doing, though.