BlackBerry Loses UK Market Share Despite Z10 Launch

The BlackBerry was once the smartphone of choice for business people the world over. However, as companies like Apple and Google entered the smartphone race, BlackBerry (previously known as RIM) struggled to keep up. This year, the company launched BlackBerry 10, a brand new operating system designed to put BlackBerry back on track. So how are things going so far?

It's a little too early to say, but some of the numbers covering the first month of BlackBerry 10 availability are  disheartening. The latest Kantar WorldPanel figures for the three months ending February 2013 show that BlackBerry actually lost market share in the United Kingdom from January to February. WMPower User cites Kantar in reporting that BlackBerry actually dropped from 5.8 percent of the UK market to 5.1 percent.

Of course, it's unfair to say these results are indicative of how BlackBerry 10 will fare in the long term. Aside from the fact that these numbers cover only the first of the operating system's availability, the only BB10 phone available is the touchscreen Z10, which isn't exactly a traditional BlackBerry. The Q10 will be the first BB10 phone with a hardware keyboard and will be released in April/May, and BlackBerry has a host of other BB10 devices scheduled down the line. It'll be interesting to see where the numbers stand at the end of the year.

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  • mforce2
    BB10 devices are just too damn expensive. Similar Android and hell even WP8 phones sell for half the money.
  • Stimpack
    It feels like Blackberry has made the same mistake that a lot of companies do by changing itself to draw in a new crowd and stay relevant. In doing so they alienate the few customers they had left in order to enter a market that's already heavily saturated. It just reminds me of Coke, to be honest.

    I realize that people just down-vote what I say sometimes, so I just want to make it clear that I have no hatred or bias with the cellphone market. I'm just saying it how I see it.
  • belardo
    Nothing wrong with what you said Stimpack. Its how it is.
    BB10 needed to be 2 years ago.... for the money and talent... 3 years is bad. Maybe the poor sales of the Playbook hurt, don't know. But the BB10 ecosystem needed to be made. That is what Apple and Android *DID*... and even Microsoft has royally screwed up with WIn8/rt/WP.

    If BB can hold onto a #3 spot above MS... it would be good.

    The Z10 is a nice looking phone... But I have more faith in Android. the new HTC One is cool looking...
  • Paul Fezziwig
    re: BlackBerry Loses UK Market Share Despite Z10 Launch

    Were Z10 sales figures even available to make such a conclusion in february? Sounds like a sleezy and misleading headlineto me.
  • ankit0x1
    well, its better multitasker folks.
    I hate when every app(when closed) run in background ,use bandwidth for no reason in my damn Android....unless google really do something for it , I really hope BB10 to flew up...
    Choices choices=win win /no closed gardens
  • icemunk
    The Z10 is nice, plus BB is more secure than Android. I can't wait to see their phablet (U10) and other devices a bit later this year
  • Bloob
    Still wishing for success for BB10 and WP8.
  • cubist rebel
    Didn't the Z10 come out in the 2nd/3rd week of February? So how could you say BB loses market share
    in Jan and Feb "DESPITE" Z10 launch ? Doesn't make sense. I think the headline should say "BB loses market share BEFORE Z10 launch". Anyway, this article is behind the obviously did not see the quarterly results last Thursday by the company. They are in a comeback.
  • Stefano Gaggero
    What a joke for a headline. Would you buy an older BB model in January when a new one is on the way just a few weeks later?
  • Stefano Gaggero
    Anyway, the device speaks for itself... yes, it is that good. Bash it all you want, it just proves you've never tried one. It has the power of a laptop in your hand.
    If you use one for work, you'll get things done faster than your co-workers using other phones...guaranteed! and the Z10 is an excellent entertainment device for your down time.