British Airways Relaxes Mobile Phone Usage Policy

A couple of months back, Virgin Atlantic started offering cell service to travelers on its new A330 Airbus flying between London and New York. Now British Airways is embracing cell phone lovers by relaxing its policy on cell phone use inside its planes.

British Airways passengers will now be allowed to use their phones as soon as the plane has left the runway. BA claims it is the first European airlines to let customers switch on their phones while the plane is still moving. Previously, passengers had to wait until the aircraft had come to a complete stop and the doors were open. The change doesn't just apply to cell phones, by the way. BA customers can now use iPads, Kindles, eReaders and mobile phones before the seatbelt light is even turned off. 

Late last year, BA announced changes that meant customers on long-haul flights were allowed to watch in-flight entertainment from the moment they board the aircraft to the time it arrives at its destination. The change came into play on December 1, 2012, and affords passengers an extra hour of inflight entertainment.

BA's new policy on the use of electronics will come into play on July 1.

  • __-_-_-__
    so no tablets allowed? just icraps? -.-
  • vaughn2k
    Well now that sounds good.. can they also relax the stowing of seats, tables and window covers? Sometimes, I would love to sleep immediately, and inclining my seats, after a long hours of work then travel. It is sometimes annoying when sombody wakes you up just to have your seats in up-right position...
  • dark_knight33
    11054771 said:
    so no tablets allowed? just icraps? -.-

    Ugh...I hate the new comments system. So much more convoluted than before.

    Anyway, for a large segment of the population "ipad" is synonymous with tablets of any brand. It's possible that the person drafting that statement is not so tech savvy, which would make it pretty ironic that they are deciding tech policy for airlines.