Caption This: Steve Jobs & Eric Schmidt Together

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt used to be such good friends! Back in 2007, Steve had Eric on stage to help him introduce the first iPhone and Eric warmly congratulated Steve on the fancy, new cell phone his company had debuted.

Nowadays, we've got Steve saying HTC's Android devices infringe upon Apple's patented inventions and Eric is making snide remarks about iPad and not knowing the difference between a large phone and a tablet.

So it's time for a caption contest. Here we have a photo of that sunny (it was California, chances are it was sunny) day when Eric hopped on stage to talk about Google search and Maps on the iPhone.

And here are 10 of the top rated comments from last week's pictures:

Abrahm: Jobs: My ego has grown by THIS much this year! Bill, can you put up your hand to make this three dimensional?

nekatreven: Steve: I swear, the water balloon was this close to hitting Linus.
Bill: You should have thrown it like this silly.

babybeluga: Steve: 100110010010010010001110001010001
Bill: 1100100000111001101100010111100

millerm84: Gates: Pad like maxi....
Jobs: NO!! Pad like Paper!

Daguava: Bill: "... and so we plugged in the scanner and it just blue-screened in-front of EVERYONE at the presentation, ah, Windows 98."

Jobs: "That's nothing, can you believe I'm selling an iPod THIS BIG?"

Glorian: Steve: Gee Bill, what do you want to do tonight?
Bill: The same thing we do every night Stevie. Try to take over the WORLD!

pinaplex: (2nd picture) Bill Gates: "Now how are you supposed to use an iphone if you don't have a hand?"

AsAnAtheist: "How do I avoid the anti-trust lawsuits creeping up on me..."

gimmeausername: Steve: "People keep wondering why Apple continues to be a very successful company. Well, it's actually very simple! My two hands working very hard in fooling them into buying our overpriced stuff."

Bill: "Excuse me, Steve! Your two hands can only capture no more than 10% of the consumer market. I got the other 90% with one hand, pal!"

djcoolmasterx: "Ugh, My drink tastes str-" *thud*

*Steve and Eric image credit: AP

  • romansky
    Eric: First I am going to slap you, then I will backflip rotate left and break your glasses with my google-fu

    Steve: Bring it on! .. *slap* *kick*
  • doc70
    Schmidt: Hey, my friend, welcome back!

    Jobs: What friend? I'll punch you with my left hook, then I'll sue you for breaking my wrist!
  • econ24
    Eric Schmidt: Google is proud to present to everybody our very own iSteve. Synthetically created as a near genetic twin to Steve Jobs, iSteve will lend an "Apple-like feel" to Google products to confuse current Steve fanatics and lure them away from Apple.
  • provolone
    Schmidt: "On display today is Mr. Jobs! Who somehow has managed to make millions and millions of dollars all while wearing the same set of clothes for the past 5 years. It's just incredible!"
  • kin3000
    Eric: " And here to my right, we have the devil himself. Because only the devil can convince so many people to buy overpriced hardware with heavily limited OSes."

    Steve: "Awww, why thank you Eric. It's funny how many people don't notice my logo is actually the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eve."
  • steveoh
    Thanks for not quoting my second highest rated caption from the last one...
  • dman3k
    Jobs: Followers of the Church, sacrifice not thy virgins but use thy Google Maps.

    Apple Fanbois (repeat x3): Sacrifice not thy virgins but use thy Google Maps.

    Schmidt (wonders to himself): How the hell does he do that? That made no sense at all. Oh well, don't be evil.
  • back_by_demand
    Steve - "You aren't still upset about being booted from the Apple board are you?"

    Eric - "Not really, in fact i'm in such a good mood I just told all of China that their leaders murdered protestors 21 years ago in Tiananmen Square"
  • israil
    Eric: "Steve! I can't believe you let us install Android on an iphone, how gracious of you to bow down to a superior operating system"

    Steve: "You...What?!..."...damn that schmidt! hes got me, if i act angry i'll look like a jerk in front of all these people...wait I AM a jerk
  • josh lisse
    Eric: Can we please just hug this out instead of you sueing the crap out of me?