China: Green Dam Project Will Go Ahead

Green Dam was initially supposed to be preinstalled on all machines shipped after July 1 and when the Chinese government announced a delay in the late evening of June 30 because some PC manufacturers needed more time to meet the deadline, many assumed this was China's way of saying, "maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all."

Unfortunately, celebrations in China were premature as the Government today clarified that yes, it has been postponed but that it was only a matter of time before Green Dam was mandatory.

"The government will definitely carry on the directive on Green Dam. It's just a matter of time," an MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) official told China Daily on condition of anonymity.

The official went on to say that copyright infringement claims were not the reason for the delay, referring to California-based Solid Oak's claims that company responsible for the Green Dam software stole code from its own web-filtering program. The official said that despite some manufacturers not being ready yet, it will not stop the roll out completely.

"What will happen is that some PC manufacturers will have it included with their PC packages sooner than the others," he said. "But there is no definite deadline at the moment."

Read the full story on China Daily.

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  • Anonymous
    Its a country I'm happy not to live in.
  • battery
    I give it a week.
  • crom
    Why not sue China for copyright infringement? I mean they did steal the code from a different software project for their green dam software. Live linux distros are another way around it.