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Multiplayer Support Confirmed for Mass Effect 3

MSNBC reports that BioWare has confirmed co-op multiplayer support for Mass Effect 3. The confirmation comes from series executive producer Casey Hudson who jumped on Twitter Monday afternoon and called the co-op missions "spectacular," adding that more will be revealed soon. BioWare's official Twitter account has also confirmed the report.

"There will be a multiplayer component for #ME3," the studio said. "Full details soon, so wait until then before making your decision. We think you'll like it!"

According to BioWare's Facebook page, fans can tune in for a special episode of BioWareTV at 10am on Wednesday, October 12, for more details on the co-op feature, or as the studio states, "to have all your questions answered!"

The story over the game's multiplayer support originally broke earlier on Monday with the Official Xbox Magazine revealing the cover for its December issue which touts multiplayer gameplay over Xbox Live. That said, because the story is an OXM exclusive, BioWare may limit the details in its TV show on Wednesday and any time thereafter until the magazine hits news stands.

"The exclusive hands-on report also includes screenshots of the all-new mode, as well as in-depth info on how it will all work with Mass Effect 3’s beefy solo campaign," the magazine teases. "Time to put all those questions and rumors to rest."

Australia's PC PowerPlay is also publishing a similar article on October 19, so no, it's not a console-exclusive feature.

As MTV points out, BioWare likely took what it learned from building an experience around its Mass Effect-style dialog system in an MMO context (Star Wars: The Old Republic), and shifted that knowledge back into Mass Effect 3's multiplayer component. Yet based on BioWare's comments, the studio may be receiving negative feedback due to the announcement. Would co-op multiplayer support be a bad thing for the Mass Effect franchise?