Ubisoft Nuking Used Game Sales with Uplay

Friday Ubisoft revealed a new program called Uplay Passport that's undoubtedly established to regain revenue lost in the used games sector. The program will reportedly launch in the coming months and be included in many of the company's popular core games.

"In each new copy of a Uplay Passport-enhanced game will be a one-time use registration code that, when redeemed, provides access to Uplay Passport content and features," the company said in an emailed statement. "The code can be found on the insert card inside the game box. Gamers can identify Uplay Passport-enhanced games by looking for the logo on the back of the box."

Given that this code can only be redeemed once, consumers who purchase a used game laced with Uplay Passport restrictions will be forced to shell out an extra $9.99 to unlock online content and features. This means that a used game which normally costs $5 less than the new packaged version will essentially cost $5 more than the new unopened copy.

"Starting with the upcoming DRIVER San Francisco release, games featuring the new Uplay Passport will offer gamers exclusive bonus content plus access to online features," the company said.

Ubisoft is the latest publisher to jump on the "online pass" choo-choo in order to regain revenue lost in the used game market. EA introduced the "Project Ten Dollar" concept last year with the release of Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. As with Ubisoft's Uplay Passport, the new versions come with a one-time use code to unlock specific content and features. Those who purchase the used versions are required to shell out $9.99 for a new code in order to unlock the full game.

  • Marco925
    I dont see why this is necessary,

    If i buy a used lawn mower, Honda isnt going to make me pay just to use it.

    the game was bought new at one point. they got their money out of it.
  • oneblackened
    ^That's what I was gonna say in a nutshell.
  • So if I don't use the online features I can sell the game and the next owner won't have to pay $10 to you crooks :D
  • LuckyDucky7
    There is no revenue lost- this is just a cash grab, plain and simple.
  • mrmike_49
    Well, I'm not planning on buying any Ubisoft games, used or new, in the future anyway
  • daniel123244
    I would like to propose a boycott.
  • mister g
    That EA part I didn't hear about 'till now, but I already stopped buying Ubisoft games when they implemented that always online game scheme with Assassin's Creed and others. My thoughts on this is whether or not the features are really worth it or is it just for online access.
  • the associate
    This is why the last game I ever bought from ubisoft was FarCry 2, and for just 15 bucks on steam to top it off.
    Weather they're fellow pc gamers or console gamers, their still hurting gamers, so I boycott, unlike, many others who bitch but still buy on release. What the hell do they think the cash for used games goes to most of the time...NEW FREAKING GAMES!!!!WTF??

    Hey, wait a minute, that's like legitimizing theft! I guess they want to lose their client base? These idiots should just shut the f*** up, cause that's what I'd do if I didn't want to lose my client base, I'd shut the f*** up. I'm now ashamed they have a studio in Montreal...
  • FloKid
    Doesn't it feel good when you shell out 50% more for a brand spanking new game?

    If you think about it, when a person buys a used game for $25 and the game costs $50, that is $75 instead of $100 if both people bought a new game. Makes sense to me now lol.
  • SmileyTPB1
    The harder you squeeze the customer for money, the less likely they are to keep giving you their money.