EA CEO John Riccitiello Steps Down, No Replacement Yet

Gaming company Electronic Arts has announced that CEO John Riccitiello will step down at the end of this month. It's not clear whether Riccitiello is retiring or leaving for another opportunity, but EA has not yet found a replacement CEO. The company says Larry Probst has been appointed Executive Chairman to ensure a smooth transition and he will lead EA's executive team while the Board conducts a search for a permanent CEO.

"We thank John for his contributions to EA since he was appointed CEO in 2007, especially the passion, dedication and energy he brought to the Company every single day," said Probst. "John has worked hard to lead the Company through challenging transitions in our industry, and was instrumental in driving our very significant growth in digital revenues. We appreciate John's leadership and the many important strategic initiatives he has driven for the Company. We have mutually agreed that this is the right time for a leadership transition."

Probst has been at EA since 1991 and has been Chairman of the Board since 1994. The company says the search for a CEO will include both external and internal candidates, so get to work on that resume!

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  • s3anister
    Here's to hoping EA gets better and not worse after a new CEO is appointed.
  • jkflipflop98
    Here's to hoping they hire a gamer to run their gaming company instead of another accountant who's depth of knowledge consists of "I like Super Mario!".
  • proxy711
    t's not clear whether Riccitiello is retiring or leaving for another opportunity, but EA has not yet found a replacement CEO.
    Ya he has moved on to a great opportunity called unemployment.
  • jhansonxi
    No one to fill Riccitiello's shoes just yet.
    I would suggest Alfred E. Neuman unless he is already leading a Wall St. investment firm.
  • wysir
    It will take some moves from a new CEO to get back into gamers' good graces.
  • Stimpack
    Sir, I'm going to have to ask that you take your large sacks of money and leave the building.
  • Memnarchon
    Do we have Xmas today? At last some good news from the gaming industry!...
  • omnimodis78
    Is anyone else tired of these lame, phony, rubber-stamp style corporate "thank you and farewell" letters put out for PR purposes? Of course they won't state that he was good at A but sucked at B. And he sucked at B big time!
  • internetlad
    Honestly, if EA hires somebody who isn't a money-grubbing dinosaur, somebody who has passion and respect for both games and the industry, this could sway well in favour of gamers the world over. . . or at least, everywhere outside of china and australia.

    Who am I kidding, bracing for Call of Duty rehash 2013, 2014, 2015, et al.
  • edogawa
    I'll take the job...

    My first order is to fire anyone who thinks single player DRM is a good idea, then I will make all games available on Steam too.