Samsung to Show off Froyo Tablet Next Month?

Following the same Galaxy S branding that Samsung has been using for its newest line of smartphones, the company's tablet is rumored to be called the P1000 Galaxy Tab. Samsung Firmwares claims to have found a "new special firmware" that give away the specs of the upcoming slate.

SF points towards a screen resolution of 480x800; a 3.2-megaixel rear camera; a smaller front-facing camera for video calling; a 1GHz CPU; Flash; Swype; WiFi; and Bluetooth.

Previous rumors hinted that this device might run Android 2.2, also known as Froyo, and a report over on Computerworld speculates that we could see an unveiling at IFA in Berlin next month.

*Image via PCWorld

  • zerapio
    How about the Froyo update for the Galaxy S...
  • bearracuda
    Well, if it doesn't cost me half my paycheck, then I like the sounds of it. If it's going to be priced anywhere near the iCrap, then they can forget it.
  • bobusboy
    Swype or skype?
  • alchemy69
  • icepick314
    no HD screen?
  • bsbsbsbs
    Froyo update for the Galaxy S comes out end of September.

    Yes Swype Alchemy69 where you draw lines across the keyboard to make words. You're like the 50th person to say Swype or Skype now.
  • stevo777
    If the price is right, I might snag one of these.
  • HavoCnMe
    Hey what is that upside-down yellowish leaf near contacts? ....MJ
  • truehighroller
    @ HavoCnMe

    Maybe a Japanese Tomato plant leaf?? LOL
  • yellowblue
    Hmmm, it has a phone icon. I wonder how you make a call on that thing?