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Android Console 'GameStick' Already Doubles $100K Goal

From the get go, the GameStick looks like yet another Android-based indie console… and do we really need to crowd fund more of these projects?

Yes. Mostly because the GameStick isn't just another two-bit, half-baked Kickstarter pitch, which was made clear by the fact that it managed to raise its goal of $100K within two days. In fact, it's managed to double its goal already at the time of this writing.

What makes the GameStick different? PlayJam is attempting to put together an affordable, portable, and hassle-free console for users. The prototype console is no bigger than a flash drive, and requires only to be plugged into a TV's HDMI port. The device will self-power from MHL-compliant devices, although a separate USB will be included with the actual product for TVs that aren't MHL-compliant.

The GameStick also wins points for being a completely open platform, as well as supporting a gamer's controller of choice: gamepad and mouse and keyboard.

The GameStick, at the time of this article, still has 26 days left for its fundraising period. Pledging $79 via Kickstarter yields the console, which is, according to the site, expected to ship April 2013.

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