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GamersPortal: Giving Gamers Their Own Space

Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, your social media plate is already pretty full. If you consider yourself to be a part of the gamer crowd, hopefully you can make room for one more.

Currently in alpha, GamersPortal (or GP) is a new networking site that caters to both the hardcore and casual gaming audiences. You might already post status updates on other sites about whatever game you're playing, or who you're playing with, but that information might get lost in the myriad other posts you and your friends make on a daily basis.

GP shares some commonalities with the social sites that came before it, as everything operates in and around your profile, or a "portal". While there’s some room for basic information (Name, Location, etc.), GP is gaming-centric, so things like that Favorite Movies list is a Current Games display instead. There's space for all of your various gaming handles (PC, Xbox Live, PSN, etc.), as well as your other social networking links. The Portal also shows off whatever you decide to post, and lets your friends comment on posts, and so on (much like Facebook).

While GP caters to the individual, the clan/team is just as important. You can create a page for your clan, much like you would create a page for a business or group. While I still love using IRC, the days of using the aging tool to find scrims or meet with rival teams is over, now that my team's pertinent information (roster, team info, servers) is available in one place. That page, combined with a fantastic baked-in chat client (that operates very similarly to IRC), makes team communication both easy and efficient.

Some might cringe at the thought of yet another social networking site, but I welcome sites like GP that cater to a very specific audience. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are more general purpose tools (although FB tends to be more privatized), and sites like LinkedIn and GamersPortal connect you with a much more focused user base.

As previously mentioned, GP is currently in alpha, but site access just got way easier, thanks to a special event being thrown by the site. GP will be hosting a series of roundtable discussions about the ongoing Battlefield 3 beta, and what it means for casual and competitive gamers alike. Yours truly will be in attendance during the second session, as will a number of representatives from various Battlefield communities. You can sign up for the event here, which nets you access to GamersPortal while keeping you in the loop regarding tomorrow's discussions and future events/tournaments.