What Happens When You Put Google Glass on a Baby?

Toddler Wears Google Glass

One of the things Google Glass offers is great POV video. Sure, it's exciting to tag along on a sky dive, or take a ride with our own Chris Angelini as he dines at Taco Bell, but one of the things we really, really wanted to do with Google Glass was put it on a baby. A baby or a dog. In the absence of a dog, we went with a baby.

We mostly can't remember what it was like to be a tiny little person, so we figured it might be fun to see what a toddler sees. The star of our video is Lucas, Chris' son. He helped us out in our quest to find out what life looks like through the eyes of a small child. The answer to this question is 'cabinets.' When you're that small, you see a lot of cabinets and legs.

On a more serious note, little Lucas also noticed that Glass runs quite hot when it's recording video. Good catch, Lucas!

Stay tuned for Chris' more in-depth take on Google Glass later tonight!

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  • ricardok
    Cool video.. Loved to see that.. Quite unusual..
  • slomo4sho
    Is society really this bored and self-involved?
  • TheMadFapper
    I highly enjoyed this cute video, thanks. It would definitely be interesting to throw them on a dog too.