Google Considered Having Glass Users Say 'Pew Pew Pew!'

Though Google Glass isn't yet widely available, you probably know that the device requires you to say, "OK Glass..." before giving the headset your orders. However, it seems Google didn't arrive at "OK Glass," as the trigger for voice commands immediately. In actual fact, the company had several ideas for what users should have to say before dishing out requests, and some of them are a bit silly.

Amanda Rosenberg, Google Glass Marketing Manager, is the person responsible for the 'OK Glass' hotword. She recently took to Google+ to share the hotwords that almost were. Below are the ideas that the Glass team had before deciding to go with Rosenberg's 'OK Glass.'

Listen up Glass
Hear me now
Let me use Glass to
Go Go Glass
Clap on
Device, please
3, 2, 1...
Glass alive
Pew pew pew

Out of the entire list, 'Pew pew pew' is probably the silliest. Can you imagine legions of Google Glass users wandering the streets of the world's cities and mumbling that? Let this serve as a reminder that Google has a lot of power. It could make you say anything, but it doesn't. Because Google is nice and you should respect that.

  • John Bauer-1363825
    That'd be great walking around New York with everyone mumbling "pew pew pew" to themselves.
  • slomo4sho
    Clearly, it should have been "Go Go Gadget"
  • nbelote
    Actual fact, as opposed to imaginary fact? ;)
  • capt_taco
    Other phrases I would've liked to see

    - "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!"
    - "Klaatu barada n*coughcoughcough*"
    - "I have 20 grams of cocaine in my pocket"
    - Gimme big-butt Brazilian porn!
  • joe nate
    " to Enterprise"

    Don't we want a little Star Trek in our future?
  • internetlad
    I really really wish you could change it, because "Go Go Glass Camera" sounds like an incredible idea.
  • Ruben Browning
    Way better than the average nerd calling it "Jarvis"
  • WyomingKnott
    "Go Go Glass" was brilliant. At least to those of us who have, or are, children of cartoon-watching age. If you missed it, my take is that it's a reference to Inspector Gadget.
  • gm0n3y
    I'm sure that when this is release to the mass market someone will create an app/hack to allow you to set your own phrase. I guess it needs to be something that you wouldn't say in normal conversation.
  • SvRommelvS
    I want to sing out 3, 2, 1 Glaaaaaaass--contact!