Google Offers Most Lucrative Salary to Software Engineers

With the myriad of competition in Silicon Valley attracting quality talent, Google has ensured it recruits the brightest software engineers by offering an above-average salary.

According to a new study conducted by job listings and information site Glassdoor, Google software engineers earn an average base salary of $128,336.

In comparison, Facebook offered $123,626, while Apple mustered up $114,413 this year. eBay, meanwhile, pays $108,809 and Zynga forks out a total of $105,568.

Last year, Google issued a 10 percent raise to every single employee working for the search engine giant. Facebook, however, is seemingly edging closer to reaching Google's above-average salary for engineers. Glassdoor says that the average salary difference between the two companies decreased this year to $4,710. Comparatively, it was $6,852 during 2011.

The majority of the major Silicon Valley firms listed in the Glassdoor report are well ahead of the national average for a software engineer’s base salary -- $92,648, which represents a 2.5 percent increase from last year's figure.


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  • house70
    Throw in the nice working conditions they have and you got a winner.
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  • house70
    Throw in the nice working conditions they have and you got a winner.
  • lathe26
    ... but what are these salaries at once cost of living is factored in? It's foolish to switch jobs to get a 25% raise if housing cost 2x as much.
  • richarduk
    I've been a software engineer for 20 years and worked for many top companies and have never met someone who has received that kind of money. I expect they are factoring share options and other 'not real money' extras like free phones. Think about it, 1000 software engineers would draw 128 million, and I bet they have more than a 1000 software engineers!