Justin Timberlake to Star in Facebook Movie

So far we know that Aaron Sorkin, the guy who brought us the West Wing and A Few Good Men, will be writing the screenplay (Sorkin recently said he's never said 'yes' to a job offer faster). Fight Club and Se7en director, David Fincher has also been confirmed as the director, and Kevin Spacey will take on the role of producing the movie.

So who will star in this picture that has so far attracted a fairly decent chunk of cinematic talent? Word on the street is Justin Timberlake has signed on to play Sean Parker, Facebook's original president and the co-founder of filesharing site Napster. Yes, really.

What about Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO? Guardian UK reports that Adventureland star Jesse Eisenberg is the favorite to play Zuckerberg, with Shia LaBeouf and Michael Cera also rumored to take starring roles.

Who would you like to see star in the Facebook movie? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Ogdin
    I like to see the whole disasterous idea thrown out the window.
  • ssalim
    What the hell is facebook movie?
  • Dave_69
    There are three steps to getting Justin Timberlake to star in your movie:

    1. Cut a hole in a box
    2. Put your junk in that box
    3. Maker her open the box

  • JohnnyLucky
    I could care less about a facebook movie. Just more Hollywood junk.
  • chaohsiangchen
    Only if they sign contract with Brittany Spears to be the main actress of the movie, I will have any intention, however small, to watch it.

    Now I can guess the plot. The boy meets the girl on Facebook, then start an online fight community ended with blowing up major banks and schizofrencia.
  • matt87_50
    oh god, Justin Timberlake? there is now not a single movie in the world that I want to see less. (tho, the guy can be pretty funny when he wants to be)
  • hunter315
    I cant express how badly i want this thing to fail, im not even sure what a facebook movie would be about, a bunch of people staring at computer screen for hours?
  • Spellbinder
    Not that I am a hater or anything. But I would say that I wish there was a "do not watch" list. because I am sure this will be on it.
  • p00dl3_h3r0
    Though miles away from being a good idea, its still better than a Twitter movie.
  • Maxor127
    Are all of you stupid or can you really not comprehend what this movie is about? Based on the comments, I'll say no. I get the gist of it just from casually glancing for 2 seconds, but 90% of the comments I read seem to think it's about the actual site rather than the people who created the site.