Transform Your Kindle Into a Raspberry Pi Display

With Amazon's new Kindle Fire out and about, old Kindle owners may find themselves wondering what to do with their dated eReaders. But if selling the device is out of the question, and they also have a Raspberry Pi laying around, perhaps they can follow Gef Tremblay and create a nifty little Raspberry Pi display.

Kindleberry Pi

Called the Kindleberry Pi, this Kindle mod offers up a minimal, cost friendly solution for the tech saavy folk who need computing on the go. On a recent trip to Europe, Gef decided against bringing a laptop and instead decided to hack his Raspberry Pi into a portable shell workstation. Traveling light with just a Kindle, camera, smartphone and Raspberry Pi, Gef had all that he needed.

With a simple Kindle hack, usb power, and an external keyboard, you can hack up your very own Kindleberry Pi. Of course, the mod is certainly limited when compared to a laptop computer, but it does prove to be an interesting way for old technology to be used with newer devices.


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  • acecombat
    This is exactly what I love about the Pi. Using almost anything lying around it can become almost anything else.
    Great work Gef!!!
  • murzar
    I am impressed with the Pi's adaptability! There will come a time when Raspberry Pi will connect to any device easily.. well.. expect Apple ones.
  • boiler1990
    Too bad you can't use the Kindle's keyboard as the keyboard.